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    I love working with my hands and i'm willing to learn anything anyone will teach me
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    Working with hands, martial arts and Flirting with cute girls
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  1. I just wear a heavy leather apron when im buffing, and a pair of turtleskin stab gloves. I got a great big chunk out of my belt buckle from where a buffin wheel ripped a knife out of my hands and stuck it point first in my buckle. I only work in carbon steel, and i use a 1500grit 3m sanding belt before i buff it. But i still cant get all those micro scratches out, and I dont know if its from the belt, or if maybe im using to coarse of a buffing compound or what. right now im using a general purpose white rouge i got from jantz, but was wondering if the green chrome or the pink scratchless w
  2. hey yall been a while since my last post. Was wondering if any of ya'll knew what type of buffing wheel combined with what particular compound gave the smoothest finish on a blade? sisal, muslin, felt, loose or sewed?
  3. Ok so I am a HUGE David Gemmel fan, and when i heard raven armory made a battle ready version of Snaga i flipped. But the price is so rediculously hight that i decided to make one instead, however i have no idea where i would get 2 square feet of 5/16" high carbon steel. Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of steel to use or where to get it?
  4. OK i know this is a stupid question but my forge is broke and im desperate lol i need to know if it is possible to use an oxy-acetaline cutting torch and tap magic cutting oil to heat treat a small knife made out of 5160
  5. Im just tryin to find a better way to heat the steel than my cheapy forge i made with a wheel. Idk if its cuz im usin charcoal or what. I really want a propane forge i just can never find one for less than $200
  6. Ok so how would you guys go about putting a brass backstrap on a knife? im tryin to make a bowie for my grandpa and i wanted to but a strip of brass on the back like you see on the old bowies. On another note, i know i keep askin questions about things i never post pics of, and i swear as soon as i overcome my technological impairment and figuring out how to work all the buttons on my xxxx digital camera ill start posting pics of all my old projects ive asked for advice about.
  7. Ok so i ordered a hidden tang fillet knife from NorthcoastKnives.com and i didnt realize how thin .060" really is till i got it in the mail. How on earth would i make a handle for this thing? i didnt think they made drill bits that small. http://www.northcoastknives.com/northcoast_knives_Blades7.htm
  8. Anyone know where i can find an oil burner cheap like the one in this link http://theworkshop.c...r/mstrblstr.htm
  9. Okay so i'm trying to make a my blade solid black without painting it. then i'll just grind off where the edge is. Kind of give it that contrasting look. Any advice. How do they do it with shotguns. where its a deep black, is that just some ind of bluing? or wat. I'm willing to use paint if i have to, but i would much rather use a chemical so that the finish doesnt flake off and scratch as easily. Any suggestions?.... and also if someone could please tel me how to punch a hole in leafspring small enough for 1/4 copper pins i'd appreciate it,
  10. heres a couple from texas with love Blade: the sharp side spine: the dull side tip: the pointy end.
  11. am working on putting up a picture but i suck at computers....
  12. ok i just bought a knife at a thrift store. Its obviously handmade, but very old . Theres no makers mark and it looks like it was made by stock removal from a very large piece of 1/4" steel. I want to rework it because its old and a little rust pitted. It looks like its been through several owners hands, each tried to restore it in there own way. Its got markings on it from where someone tried to polish it with a sanding drum on a rotory tool. I'm wondering if i can't repolish the blade and do a little work on it to bring it up to snuff. I have no clue how to tell what kind of wood the handle
  13. ok yall, I'm in the process of making a western style drop loop gunbelt for myself, and i was wondering if any of yall have ever made a damascus belt buckle.... i thought the damascus would look kool with a black leather holster and belt
  14. from wat i understand about wiccan beliefs (not much), silver is a lunar metal and should be worked under the light of a full moon... go with the 50/50 aluminum/silver alloy, its as hard as bronze and has atleast some silver in it... outa personal curiosity does he want an athame or a boline or what kind of knife.
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