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    ottumwa, iowa southeast of des moines 90 miles
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    I,ve been a mason contractor for 30 years. knife collector for 4 years. I'm a baptist of 3 years.
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    knife collecting,crazy crawler fishing lure to. bowhunter, fishing nut, and now knife making
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    mason contractor

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  1. what temp do you take your forge for 1084 to forge with a hand hammer,not color but temp. vern Ps:i have a gas forge.
  2. jens i dont have to far to go if i can remember the dates. My name is vern six of Ottumwa . i make knives and try to forge but know nothing about forging. i use 1095 and 1084 steel. (1) IS THIS FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME? ( WHAT DOES IT COST? (3) do i need to bring anything? if this is for people like me , then i will need your address thanks vern Sorry jens i just looked a little bit longer and i see this is over .sorry thaNKS VERN

  3. well thanks to all you fine folks for the word to (GOD) , it worked after the took out a monster blood clot and sowed it up . he's back home already. thank you all . Prayers work , he's proof, almost dead and now great. vern
  4. well i'm asking for a prayer for my brother . he had a stroke and could use the prayers . His name is dave six thanks a lot guys vern
  5. you know your work is the nices on the market. you do superb work. vern
  6. anyone know where a person can buy 1 gal Parks#50 with paypal vern
  7. [url=""]Here is the tool I would likt to see a photo of. thanks vern:D
  8. well its like to pieces of steel in put your tang between and hit with your hammer while you draw it thru to make it longer
  9. what the tool called that you use to draw out a tang? pic. please
  10. A spring and a hinged, and what ever you have. would alsolike to see a anvil spring clamp vern
  11. vern six


    Where do i find the different types of steel , and ht and all that. this new pc did not let me transfer all that data. vern
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