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  2. Very nice. I generally hate rebar projects, but this is a good example of using the texture as part of the design. Well done.
  3. I'll delete the post then.
  4. IForgeIron is a world wide forum with over 150 countries visiting the site each month. You may want to limit your search to your area first. It is local to you and has a rich history to explore. Then there is the task of separating the stories from the facts.
  5. Jacobs chuck made a spindle nose chuck for use on lathes like the 9" Southbend and Logan and was essentially a larger Jacobs chuck as found on drill presses. The chuck had 1 1/2"x8 internal threads to attach to the spindle of the lathe. I believe the little Craftsman lathe had a solid 1/2" spindle that was threaded 1/2-20. Be careful with your Craftsman, it is easy enough to bend the spindle if you crash the machine while it is under power.
  6. I was more interested in anyones here sense it's a diverse group and I've found it a fun topic. Was just curious if anyone here had first hand ghost stories of interest.
  7. A quick google search listed about 6,710,000 results, including the George Wythe house and the Public Hospital, Williamsburg Va. There seems to be a large internet following for this subject that you may want to tap into.
  8. I've slept in a bedroom that was supposed to be haunted (in my cousins' old house in North Carolina), but the scariest thing I encountered there was the hideously uncomfortable mattress.
  9. Welcome! I saw in your other thread that you're doing tour guide work in Williamsburg. The smiths at Colonial Williamsburg are awesome and definitely worth getting to know if possible. I met Mark Sperry and Aislinn Lewis at Quad-State last fall, and just watching them demonstrate for a day and a half was an education in itself.
  10. Oops.........I didn't mean 7018. I meant 7014, and I guess 7014 doesn't need to be stored at that high a temperature. DUH!
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  12. Ive taken a part time job giving historic tours through Williamsburg, VA.(using it to save for my forge) We go all through the town from W&M college where thomas Jefferson went to school to the peyton Randolph house which is considered the most haunted house in virginia and tell the unexplainable happenings... but I makes me curious. Do you all have any ghost stories of your area? Old abandoned legends, I feel ghost story telling is a dying art. I would love to hear anyones! Thank you!!
  13. I've finally found the time to do some forging and getting rid of some scrap rebar laying in the corner of my workshop...
  14. Does that little has forge just have exposed inswool or other fibers? If so, you may want to look into coating it to avoid silicosis. Looking good! Like the handle accents
  15. Anyone else planning to head up to Louisa, VA for Boone's last pasture party tomorrow? I got my name on the list months ago, and it looks like the stars might align to get me there. Wish me luck.
  16. Nice work on those small knives, mate. Would like to see one in person. Take a drive up the range to my forge at Herberton Historic Village and we'll compare ideas. Lots of old steel here (and wrought iron) if you need some.
  17. Sounds about right. Good intentions plus poor frame of reference equals no real help at all. Pnut
  18. It took me quite a bit of trial and error on my own to figure out that trying to finish punching a hole while the stock is too hot doesn't work very well. I was a little slow figuring out too hot=stretch/distortion. A little cooler=a plug shearing cleanly. What's that saying? A hard learned lesson is a well learned lesson. Pnut
  19. Reminds me of the time we had a 'working bee' with the church at a remote indian town in a certain south american country. We did some repairs to their church building, and they told us a few of their stories. One was the visit by the local politician who asked what would they need to improve their condition. The village chief asked for a saw mill to make lumber. The sawmill eventually showed up. Brand new and industrial strength ... problem is that it was electric 3 phase. The village has no electricity of any kind. They took us to see the wanderful saw mill sitting in a shed, frozen stiff from lack of use.
  20. many find getting a clean plug to be part of the fun and very rewarding. Which is for sure is.. The temperature which the plug, or slug is sheared has a lot to do with how clean it comes out. It is not shearing because of the punch persay.. Its shearing because the metal that is supporting it at the bottom, is not distorting as much. its actually a pretty process much more like extrusion threw a die plate. Shabumi be careful about cooling off one side of spring steel to keep it centered.. You really want to minimize any kind of cooling while heated and then being worked on. It can lead to cracking. Mild steels not big deal. cool all you want.. Even 1040/45 there is a little wiggle room.. But ideally alloy and tools steels it should be avoided as a best practice.
  21. the mother of imbeciles is always pregnant... it can be considered also a weapon due to the square edges and the pointy end...
  22. its a standard 30 lb propane tank off the top of my head its 12.25 in dia 21 in long but I plan on casting the ends of it flat to help reduce cubic in with how thick I want to make the ends I was coming up with around 14-16in in length. I can come up with a 20lb forge if needed I just jumped on the 30lb because it was free. Do you think the bigger tank is over kill ?
  23. You did not misspeak about burner sizes; that view is quite right. I'm wondering about the forge size.
  24. Why use small angle grinders over rotary tools for sheet-metal work at all? When used for cutting, angle grinder discs can be placed parallel to the cut line, then moved down, and toward you; this is the safest possible power cutting position, as it is the least prone to kickback. Cutting discs in rotary tools have to be moved sideways along a cut line; providing several times the amount of kick back!
  25. Frosty

    Forge help

    When I suggested mattress inflators I forgot you'd made 1 1/2" burners and no, they aren't adequate. I heat a larger volume when my variable geometry forge is arranged for long stock. 4.5" x 8" x 18" with two 3/4" Naturally aspirated T burners, I haven't run the numbers but I'm running maybe 20% the burner you are and I can weld easily. Naturally aspirated or gun (blown) doesn't really matter. What matters is delivering enough fuel air mix per second to generate the heat. I don't have a dog in that fight, I don't care. Your problem is NOT aiming the gas jet into the flow, you have them tuned nicely, nice flames. Unfortunately there just isn't enough mix available. If you use a shop vac, you should get plenty of air but you'll run into the problem of trying to force propane out of the jet fighting the air flow. A shop vac uses high velocity to generate high volume. Velocity is pressure and you've aimed the jet into it. It's no biggy, if it causes a problem turn the elbows you've mounted the jets in around so the jet is facing with the flow. Yes? Please don't think I'm harshing on you, I'm not I'm only trying to point out things to correct to get what you want. I've been messing with burners for more than 40 years though seldom gun burners. They're not really much different, fire is fire. Fuel, oxygen, ignition source = fire, a little more, a little less and you have the fire you want. It's a balancing act and I'll be honored if I can help you get up and running. Frosty The Lucky.
  26. My forge is named Gary Forge.. I am an archaeologist, and one of the most ugly spear points in Texas is named the Gary point. It is old and ugly. My name is Gary, and I am, also, old and ugly.
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