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  1. well I'd bet 102 was the original weight.
  2. TMI Benton, TMI! Now what I would do is to source tubing that's a tight, force fit, and then chamfer the edges of the hole in the wood a bit and then press the tube in and flare the ends to fit the chamfer and just line up with the surface or a hair under. Wouldn't hurt to put a little epoxy in the sides of the hole before setting the tube either.
  3. Wish I had the money to run a 48' oven on a regular basis...I'd retire!
  4. it's happened to most of us at some time so don't let it stop you participating; do take care
  5. needs a couple of braids hanging off them...
  6. search on blacksmithing porter bars for some examples (if you skip the blacksmithing you just get bars in porter TX, IN, etc)
  7. I like the sq ends on sucker rod for that use too, of course you need to source rod that the wrench flats fit your hardy...
  8. Stands are pretty much up to what you have access to and like.
  9. asking where to get something that's not online without mentioning where you are at??? All I can say is "over there a ways" Most large knife shows and even some blacksmithing shows like Quad-State will have people selling knifemaking supplies on site.
  10. Lovely curve to the side to draw on---mount one vertically for the flat anvil face and mount 1 horizontally for the curved side and have 1 as a spare...or make your stump so it can hold the piece either way and then you have 3 anvils!
  11. I was asking for the results of running the ball bearing test on his anvil.
  12. So what does the ball bearing test show?
  13. The elongated "gracile" shape does point at one of the top american brands of late 19th, early 20 century; I can't see enough to make a guess which one.
  14. It's the air hardening that is really interesting as well as the softness during forging. Some of the high alloys steels like H-13 can air harden and show a low c type of spark even though they have a high level of C; but they are generally tougher under the hammer.
  15. stake anvil. I have one very similar only without the very extremely nice stand. Mine had a very soft face---I hand filed it smoother. How is yours?