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  1. How about a copy of "The $50 Knife Shop" ?
  2. Heavy Usage?
  3. My grandfather served in WWII as a Marine; he told me that they didn't shave, they just used a ballpeen hammer to pound the hairs in and then bit them off and spit them out...He survived Iwo Jima and at 90+ wanted to know why I wasn't going to reroof my house myself---he's come and help!
  4. you're right I was in the Freezer; (or just adjusting for the missing face...)
  5. *Brother*! (well not genetically of course; more by association...)
  6. well there is an old saying that "stupid should hurt" but some of us believe it shouldn't Maim, Kill or Burn down your house...
  7. I find pieces of stout welded wire grid at the scrapyard and then build a frame to support them and then just drop the hardy tooling in the holes. I also once found a piece of channel where they were dialing in their ironworker and the length of it was punched every couple of inches with a 1" sq hole; I have that mounted on the wall of the shop.
  8. Or does that burner not make CO and runs very oxidizing like most of them?
  9. Sure it works; just not as well. Using a vertically aligned stack should not use any more wood and decrease the "bounce" in the system noticeably. This is a clear example of how people lead other people astray on the internet, and now your example will contribute. (look at some of the threads on people using plaster of paris for forge liners! Shoot the stuff degrades just in a campfire----White Sands uses that fact to find campsites from centuries ago: they built a campfire that converted the gypsum and then a rain came and it hardened into a block that shows up when the wind blew the loose stuff away)
  10. My isn't the weather freezing cold today sitting on the raised floor of the server room....
  11. Looking at the base that was my take on it too
  12. Yup prices are location dependent; why just here in the USA an anvil might go for twice as much here as where I used to live. Which of the 100+ countries that participate in these forums on the WORLD WIDE WEB you are in we can't guess... Any way that's most likely the weight stamp in the old stone/CWT system 0 3 23 = 0x112 + 3x28 + 23 or originally 97 pounds Having a good horn and hardy hole makes it useful in a shop just not as a primary anvil. Old anvils had the faceplate welded on in sections and over time sometimes a weld or more will fail.
  13. Anything on base? Most had a place for auto repairs and getting a leaf or coil spring before it went to the yard might work.
  14. Hmm be wary of an old bearded coot wandering around Quad-State in Lederhosen muttering about proper proppants... Hmm be wary of an old bearded coot wandering around Quad-State in Lederhosen muttering about proper proppants...
  15. Working in the oil patch I was generally a 3 hour drive from my apartment in OKC; generally worked a 12 on 12 off shift 7 days a week so If I went home I ended up way short of sleep. So I bought an ex phone company van, insulated it and put in a platform that held a mattress and generally camped out. (I got a nontaxable per diem that I banked which is what I lived on when the crash hit in '83 and we were all out of work. Allowed me to spend a year working with a swordmaker for no pay too.) Anyway when camping out I would try to find a local place to run a trotline for panfish or cats; ate wild plums. Got cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Good years when you are young and an introvert!