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  1. 'Infallible' cast sword

    I freely admit that 1000 year old eggs are not to my taste.
  2. 'Infallible' cast sword

    I have notes that people tend to divide into two groups:  those who recognize them and go on to chow down on mass quantities and those who avoid that section of the table and us as well.  I wonder what the grandkids say about them in school...
  3. Supplier list

    Sealing the billet materials away from oxygen, contamination, etc by placing them in a "can" often a piece of sq tubing with ends welded on; but other methods of making the can work too.  Once the billet materials are placed the can is fairly well sealed---a small pinhole will prevent popping during heating and a bit of paper or oil will scavenge any oxygen in the can, then it's heated and forge welded like "normal".  The can will generally need to be ground off the final result.
  4. 'Infallible' cast sword

    I had durian in Indonesia and had to source some for my wife to try it in Ohio, USA---she liked it too!  It is probably the most "klingon" fruit in existence on the planet earth.  I like Kimchee too; especially the way the glass jar starts bubbling when you open it.  An old favorite we bring to potlucks is "sheep's eyes"  Take canned pitted  lychee nuts and put a piece of maraschino cherry in the hole where the pit came out; we serve them in a liter beaker with a laboratory tongs or medical forceps as the serving tool 
  5. Supplier list

    Of course there is the use of Al to kill steel in the refining process...
  6. Yes a truly magnificent collection from back when money could really buy stuff!  
  7. Supplier list

    Unfortunately even magnetic separation is not 100% for either catagory
  8. Anvil Identification Please...

    As many cast anvils do not have a steel plate but often a "fake" molded in I would definitely want to test it.  The solid cast steel anvils I have seen tend not to have a "fake plate" but there are exceptions to everything!
  9. 'Infallible' cast sword

    Food is generally a safe topic, everyone has an opinion and everyone is right---for them!   I was raised "an adventurous eater" and felt sorry for my cousins that wouldn't eat anything but MacDucks.  When I was doing an emergency run to Jakarta once and went to get my shots the Dr said that I wouldn't need the typhoid shot unless I did "adventurous eating"  I told him "Give me the shot!"  I didn't want to be restricted; I did get sick as a dog for 3 days after a marvelous goat satay; but that was probably run of the mill intestinal flora incompatibility.   Bud have you had any good durian?  BBQ Rattlesnake (washed down with Moonshine---those cajun rig hands know how to spend their off time!) 
  10. Mystery Anvil

    you might use it for straightening nails if you could get it for US$5
  11. Can this be used for a forge?

    I'd worry about noise too
  12. Supplier list

    Well can welding does not necessarily mean using powdered metal; and what kind you want makes a difference:  brake lathe shavings for CI, Shot blast medium for steel, powered Ni---picked up some at Quad-State, etc
  13. anvil identification help please.

    It will make a good travel anvil even if you graduate up to a bigger one later.
  14. 'Infallible' cast sword

    My wife likes tacos de lengua and we go to a local place to get them when she comes down to visit.  Me I try to avoid them as how do you know when to stop?  Bit my tongue recently when I had an insulin crash and did not like the taste!  My wife was the oldest of 12 kids and her Father was a butcher and so she grew up eating stuff they couldn't sell fast enough at the store.  Our kids learned *young*  NOT to check what was cooking in a big pot on the stove...bwahahahahahahahaha
  15. New to metal work and need some help

    Don't use a RR tie to make an anvil, the creosote is nasty stuff---use a  piece of rail if you can't find a nicer solid chunk of steel The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Weygers has a whole chapter of turning a chunk of rail into an anvil and is one of the books I suggest for folks starting out.