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  1. Hrumphhhhh; I'm unforgettable!
  2. There is nothing like a Dame per "South Pacific"...
  3. which type of coke is it? Petroleum coke or industrial coke produced from bituminous coal? Are you using an electrical powered blower or a hand powered one? What type of forge are you using and what sort of forging are you doing?
  4. you'd fit right in down here. I had a colleague come out to the factory once that hadn't realized that long pants were mandatory per the factory dress code. Luckily I caught up to him on the US Side and so when he said he hadn't brought any, we got to trek over to wallyworld. Unluckily he's a beanpole and the locals tend more toward short and broad and he couldn't find a pair of jeans that fit him and had to wear high water ones to the amusement of all but 1 person...
  5. It's the bust that got me working with the swordmaker; I had the cash stored up and no job prospects, so lived cheap and had a great year! At the end of which I got married and had a family to support and so got a "real job" in a different field until I got to the one that sent me to get a CIS degree---while working full time with a 100 year old house AND a young family...I'm still in CIS but 3 jobs on: 14 years, 9 years and currently 3 years
  6. Casting spears can be quite light, cf "Irish Nails" that look like large arrows, to quite heavy, cf "boar spears" t that are specially thick and strong to resit the weight and power of a charging wild boar. This is combined with the fact that people would make them to fit the user's grip so there is quite a range of sizes---just at there is a wide range of sizes for pants...
  7. I put my propane forge on the carcass of a gas grill dumping the grill and bolting a sheet of steel across the gap where the grill was.. It holds the tank and has wheels. Over time I've beefed it up a bit too. Whether or not your door/window system is sufficient is something the CO meter will tell. Me I have a 20'x30' shop with 10' walls and open gables (rain and snow are not common out here in the desert) and use 2 10'x10' roll up doors as I hope to see my great grandkids someday and am in no hurry!
  8. If you look up the possible horsepower of a human you will find that it doesn't match even a fairly small motor over time. You would do much better with a treadle hammer of getting some friends to strike for you.
  9. U bolts were used on some mounting plates for columbian vises and were fitted to the shaft so there was little play. I believe that is a replacement version just like the spring is a replacement and the screw and screwbox is a replacement. Shim it tight or make your own mounting plate.
  10. what does the bottom look like?
  11. Yes definitely! What is the waist size of a pair of pants?
  12. I was a Mudlogger back when I first got out of college; I got hit in the crash of '83; but as my mother grew up in Oklahoma I had heard boom and bust stores "at my Mother's knee" and so when the Bust came back then I didn't owe a cent and had money in the bank---and went and worked with a swordmaker for a year. Never made it back to Geology though; last 3 jobs have been in Computer Science (and the first one paid for a degree in it before the dotcom bust hit and I was back on the street.) I'm hoping the current job will take me to retirement. Though I was hoping that for my first job too come to think of it... Busts are time to tool up if you can manage it as folks are selling out. Good Luck to all!
  13. Funny but my wife used to give me my lunch money in 1's when I was eating at the cafeteria in the factory in Mexico. I stopped on the suggestion of my Dr as the meals tended to be very high in carbs and I'm diabetic; but I still have a couple of months of ones stacked up to use at Quad State. Started looking for Ballpeens to sell too. Found a very good condition craftsman ball pein with a trashed handle for US$1 at the fleamarket last weekend. Also some old knives annuals and some other books I already own. My money can cheerfully accepts ones!
  14. The tradition I know of was not trying to put the anvil in orbit; just using enough black powder to get a BANG Sort of a reusable firecracker. Most anvils don't have enough of a depression on the under side to do much. Though I have seen ones where people have milled a hole to pack with powder---now old anvils were welded up from a bunch of pieces of sometimes pretty ratty wrought iron---sort of like the segments on a pineapple grenade...
  15. I don't know where he's at but here in the USA I have bought at least a dozen postvises with the most expensive on being US$75 2 years ago at Quad state I bought a stoutly made one, (4.75" jaw robustus build). for $40. As I consider the screw and scrwewbox to be about 80% of the cost of a postvise that deal was like paying top dollar for a used car that has a totally destroyed engine. The suggestions on the TPAAAT about finding anvils that are not being sold by folks trying to get top dollar for them also apply to postvises---accessing the "hidden market" rather than only going to Tiffany's and then complaining about the high cost of jewelry... I suggest you start reading the vise repair threads and I hope you are or are friends with an expert welder or metal lathe operator.