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Bed rail angle iron

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I've used hundreds of linear feet of them, they are free in the trash in most cities, plus they get dropped off here by everybody. Oh you're a blacksmith, you can use these.

They are hard, but WILL cut fine on a bandsaw if you have a good blade and the right feed. I've never had trouble cutting them. I weld them mostly, but have drilled them, I use Cobalt drills without incident, although they will drill with reg HS drills, it is crunchy.

Stock racks, shelf brackets any 1/8 angle projects around the shop. Free is the price, and easy to deal with.

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A good bimetal blade in the band saw works fine. They're thin and flexible so if you try hogging the cut it'll vibrate and eat your blade.

You can drill them with HS bits if you normalize it first. Chuck up a short length of HR round rod, say 1/4" in your drill. Put it against the spot you want to drill, hit the switch or trigger and lean on it till it turns red. Let it cool and drill your hole.

You have to use a piece of rd stock large enough to heat enough area for the drill bit of course.

Bed frames good. Mmmmmm.


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