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new user, confused, lurking until I 'get it'

shadey lady

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I've been coming to this site for over a year. stayed up all night reading the info and looking at blueprints - several times... so I'm not really new, just timid. Been smithing almost 14 years, still learning & making mistakes - but I've never lost my passion for it. The first time I saw a smith work (LeRoy Simmons, now in Mountainaire NM, formerly in Las Cruces NM) I was hooked.

I'm a part-time demonstrator for school groups. I send people who ask me for more info to this site or "youtube" for blacksmith videos.


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Shadey Lady,
Thank You for recommending IForgeIron to others.

I am sure by now you have heard of the button called archive at the bottom right of the forum page. Click on archive, click on a section and sub-section and notice that there are pages 2,3,4, listed at the top. Don't be fooled into thinking we can put everything on just one page. We also suggest you pack a lunch and a cold drink before you enter the IForgeIron archive.

As a demonstrator you are encouraged to put what you do into a Blueprint so others have access to YOUR way of doing things. Contact me directly for details as to where to email the text and photos. It is just that easy. Show us so we can learn from you.

Welcome to IForgeIron. If you have questions, just ask. And there is NO reason to be timid as YOU are the one with the hammer in YOUR hand. (grin)

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Glad you stepped into the site, now howsabout splainin how you picked that name, it conjures all kinds of speculation, but smiths do their best work in the shade, reflective light and all. Please post some of your work, that is where all of us blacksmith voyuers get our jollies, and boy can we learn from someone who has been doing it for 14 years, I wish I had started that long ago. Once again, welcome.

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