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That makes sense. I was thinking what you call the rivet tongs might be for hold a drift or chisel. A lot of flat tongs but they can be revamped for other tongs I believe. Not all are extremely useful but the price was right. I did get the forge and blower pictured in the background so I now have a coal forge too. 

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4 might be shallow box tongs. Tongs tend to get reshaped over the decades, I know one of my go to pair don't look much like they did when I got them. They used to be old style combo tongs, generally flat jaws with groves one longitudinal and one lateral for holding small round or square stock. They still have a usable lateral groove and it holds 1/4" square okay but will hold 5/15" round well.

I see a couple more flat tongs with a longitudinal groove, putting a lateral grove is EZ PZ if you wish.

Nice haul, you might not have a use for all of them now but give it a little time. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Not to hijack the thread, but would knee tongs like this work well for gripping pots/pans for campfire cooking? I've been thinking about making some as a replacement handle, kinda like a camp oven/dutch oven lifter but for a skillet, so I can nest pots and pans when travelling. 

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Hefty, I believe knee tongs would work at times, like raising a lid or moving an empty pan, but would be a disaster trying to lift a heavy object without modifying the tongs for the specific purpose. I would do testing with cold pans and pots filled with water 

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