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I Forge Iron

Rusty Leg Vices

Steven Bronstein

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Wire wheel followed by vinegar, muriatic acid, evaporust, electrolysis, etc. (not all at once!)......to name a few.  Might need a big tank or take it apart.  Degrease/de-oil for best results.  Search threads here and on the welding web for how-to's.

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I cleaned up a vise that has been sitting outside in salty air for roughly 20 years. after taking everything apart only a wire brush on an angle grinder was sufficient to clean it up. A coat of BLO and it was all ready to go again.


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I’ve rehabilitated many post vises some that were just blobs of rust that only vaguely resembled a post vise. 
heat, penetrating oil , hammer blows, and after finally dissembling used electrolysis to finish the job.  

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