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Stilwell Hammer in 2022

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Update a week out,

I’ve got three forges up an running an will possibly have a fourth station by next Saturday,

Anvils, forges, vises, coal ect.. will be here and ready to go, bring a tool kit and a fold up chair if you got it,

lunch an drinks will be provided, weather is supposed to be sunny and dry,

Anyone interested come on out an have some fun!

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That would definitely be a bit of a drive George!

your more than welcome here anytime if you ever feel like making the trip!

I’ll say that with the current gas prices it might be cheaper for you to just fly in though, if you wanted to attend! Lol 

On another note,

I forgot to say we’re gonna be starting at 9am

an also that same day is also the strawberry festival in Stilwell a few miles up the road

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Hmmm. A little dipping chocolate and Deb would be all in for the strawberry festival, not that it's a turn off for me of course. Makes attending the Stilwell hammer in the future higher on our snowbird hit list. You betcha!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Lol, well just hitch up the buggy and come on down Jerry! Y’all’s welcome too!

besides That’s only gotta be a little couple thousand mile drive?:P

I’m sure there will be chocolate there at the festival!

it’s a big to do around here,

all the local farmers compete to see who grows the best strawberries, I think the grand prize winner gets $2000 bucks!

but all the farmers probably make that much or more that day selling strawberries! 

and of course there’s also vendors, bands, food, a carnival ect.. 

Heck now that I’m thinking about it, I might just call up one of the local farmers and get a big ol flat of fresh strawberries for snacks at the meeting! Lol

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  Sure sounds tempting..... :)  Get out of these woods and see the horizon again.  Strawberries,  Mmmmmm. 

  Next year I drive to Arizona, maybe the timing could work out.

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well come on over Scott! Your welcome too! 

this is turning out to be quite the little hammer in lol

next year we can have the Smith N Berry conference! and everyone on IFI can just come on down!

…. I might need a bigger grill :blink:

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  All of IFI is going to decend on Oklahoma next year.  See what you started....  May out do Quadstate.  I will chip in some bratwurst and pork-n-beans.

2 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

Smith N Berry

  Sounds like a fine strawberry brandy (or a law firm from my dim past). :)

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I was going to post "Don't you know that Pontchatoula, La. is the strawberry capital of the world?" Then I decided to do a search and there appears to be a plethora of "Strawberry Capitals of the World" Dickinson, Tx.- Plant City, Fl. - Paducah, Ky and Chadbourne, NC and yes, Stillwell, OK.   My guess is that it is a seasonal rotation for the capital spot, Florida first, then Texas and Louisiana and on northward.

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Lol, as tasty as strawberries are, I’m surprised there’s not a strawberry capital in every state! An maybe a few other countries too!

I can’t speak for all the other strawberry capitals because I haven’t been to them, but Stilwell Oklahoma has a nice small town festival an some awesome berries!

It’s also got a blacksmith meeting this Saturday!!! Lol

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  Some probably grow good ones but my money's on Stilwell.  They don't taste like the real thing here.   We made freezer jelly out of them back home and ate it all year long.

  You are stating a tradition there....

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Alright y’all! 

the meeting starts tomorrow morning 9am!

now i ain’t gonna eat all these beef franks by myself! 

so y’all better get down here an drink some sweet tea an fill up on hot dogs! Lol

seriously though,

I’ve got all the forging stations ready, got a pile of coal an a pile of steel, ready to go!

Ive got some chairs but ya may wanna bring a fold up just in case, 

I’ve got tools but ya may still wanna bring your tool kit,

other than that just come, eat, visit an do some forging!

trade item will be a dinner bell, im working on one right now! Lol

Also, If Thomas shows up then we’ll all pester him into doing a demo on forging barbed wire icicles! Lol

hope to see y’all in the AM!


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Went to a blacksmith gettogether once...three of the attendees all had orange paint on their tools...time for patterns, stripes, dots, etc.

Billy, have a great hammer-in.  Sounds like you are rip-roaring ready to go!!!  Wish I could be there.


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Posted (edited)

Yep... yesterday we made sure all were marked with Minion tape and fluorescent pink with black Zebra stripes tape. Oh just remembered some of the tongs only have Minion tape which are considered loaner tongs in case someone needs one.

Edited by Irondragon ForgeClay Works
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I hadn’t thought of that! Thank y’all for the tip!

I’ll mark mine now! All I’ve got is black an blue electric tape so that’s what I’ll use! 

52 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Isn't it a tad warm for icicles?

Thomas, it was 40 degrees a few ago here an now it’s 90! I wouldn’t mind an icicle or two right about now!

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Well the last one just left a few minutes ago! The hammer in lasted much longer than I thought it would! 

lots of good visiting, eating an forging! we even did some sellin an swappin! Lol

i think we had a decent turn out, and two new members joined the BOA today! 

thank you! Randy an Debi for coming today!

I really enjoyed your leaf demo Randy! 

For y’all that couldn’t make it Here’s some pictures from the meeting today,3A3B6C9D-EF59-455E-BA83-471D3D8B53AF.thumb.jpeg.075cb0ffda6ee3e4ef509e4764e16dac.jpeg












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Billy, you had a good turnout!  Great setup.  Good pictures. :)  Not many, if any, have that many anvils, blowers, etc.  Dale C. made it all the way from Little Rock...wow!  I saw a lot of familiar faces, looked good to see them in attendance.  I call Hardy and Clyde the "Bobsie Twins" LOL.

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