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Stands stands stands!

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Alright y’all I’m super stoked! I traded a mower for a 11’ long 12”x12” square pipe with 3/8” wall thickness here awhile back an I’ve been impatiently waiting for it to show up! 

it finally came this evening! It’s really heavy, I couldn’t move it by myself so I ended up using the little kubota I got a few months ago to get it off the trailer an drug into the yard, 

(Thomas said that tractor would eventually come in handy for blacksmithing) he was right lol,

My plan is to use this pipe to make anvil stands and swage block stands! 



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Frosty and Glenn, thanks! 

I didn’t know how heavy it is, 
all I knew was I tried sliding it to the end of the trailer and that wasn’t gonna happen lol, 

So I used a chain to pull it to the edge an then re rigged it to lift one end up an pulled it off and around an drug it in using 4x4 on the tractor,

Irondragon, that’s a good idea! 

I’ve been holding off building any permanent stands for my stuff till I got this, my plan is to make some sand stands for some of my anvils and a stand for my swage block where I can flip it around to different angles, 


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Lol Jerry I just knew it was heavy, I hopped up on that guy’s trailer and help him get the straps off and I figured since it was a steel deck that the pipe would slide :lol: That wasn’t gonna happen 

Randy, I don’t know how much a 327 engine weighs but I guess it’s pretty heavy,

I heard a joke several years ago, anyone who can pickup a 200 pound anvil an take off with it trotting on down the road under one arm you might as well let him keep it

You could modify that to anyone who can pick up a crate motor an walk off with it your probably better off to let him have it lol

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I agree with JHCC.  If you have any intention of building a power hammer in the future keep 6 to 7 feet of it intact.  It's got a good amount of intrinsic weight, and if you fill a few feet of it with sand that would greatly add to the stability of the hammer in use.

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Randy, I wouldn’t wanna mess with him! Lol

JHCC, I got it moved with the tractor, and got it set up on cinder blocks for now to keep it from sinking in the ground an make it easier to get a chain around it when I get ready to mess with it,


yes I do have a torch that’s probably how I’ll make the cuts for an anvil stand an swage block stand, 

its not big enough internally to mount my 225 pw like I’m wanting to do, but I’ve got several smaller anvils in the 94-124 range that will fit perfectly, im gonna make plates that the anvils will mount to and then set the plates on the sand In the pipe, that way I can swap out anvils, 

the swage block stand I planned to weld mounts on the inside to set it on both flat and up right sides, 

my current swage block is a really beat up old 75# that’s 10 1/4” square and 4 1/4” thick, but I plan to eventually one day get the 3 pack from hollands so when I go to make it, it’s gonna be a little tricky to figure out how to make it fit my ol beater for now but still fit the new ones later, 

as far as the leftover material I haven’t thought of what I’m gonna use it for just yet but your hammer idea might be one thing, 


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What’s wrong Jerry, You don’t like my sand stand idea? Lol 

actually I have thought about making a steel tripod stand eventually for my bigger Peter Wright,

I have it on a oak stump for now and it works so I’m not in a hurry to change it up but I wouldn’t mind trying out a new tripod stand in the future with it, 

eventually I’ll have 3-4 big table forges set up as permanent individual stations, each station will have its own forge, anvil, hand crank blower and post vise, ect..

One of the reasons I wanted to build a sand stand is so that at least one of the stations will have a anvil that can be raised or lowered to match the user, if that makes sense, 

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31 minutes ago, Glenn said:

25-30 gallon grease or oil drum

That’s a good idea Glenn! I hadn’t thought of that, 

JHCC, I just read through the thread, thanks for sharing,

that’s quite the monster stand you built!

I have a big pile of ibeam I scored awhile back, I’ll have to go look at the shorter sections to see what I got laying around, thanks for the idea, 

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I Wasn’t planning on it :huh:?

I wouldn’t be able to add an remove sand to raise an lower the anvils if I welded a plate on the top? 

I was gonna weld a plate on the bottom to hold the sand in though, lol

for the top I’m gonna cut plates that fit on the inside of the pipe, but the plates will just set on the sand, the anvil will mount to the plate, but the plates are gonna be interchangeable, to swap out different anvils,

also Glenn gave me another cool idea the other day to make another plate that has a post vise stand on it that way I could use the same stands to host multiple tools and setups, all interchangeable and adjustable depending on what is needed for a project or height of the user, 

the only dedicated stand I was planning on building with the pipe, was gonna be the swage block stand, but even on it I’m gonna make it to hold different blocks, 

I’m working on building dedicated post vise stands as well but that’s a whole different project an I’m using different materials for those,

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6 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

I Wasn’t planning on it :huh:?

You don't know if you were planning on it? :blink:

Wood works perfectly fine to prevent the anvil from sinking into sand and it's easier to attach to the anvil. 

I've used a sandbox stand and liked how it quietened the anvil. He had the anvil directly on the sand but it packed hard and was good and solid.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Lol, well ya know sometimes I don’t even know what I’m planning, :P

I’ll try your idea out first, when I get a section cut out and weld up the bottom, I’ll try just setting an anvil on the sand with no plate and work with it that way awhile,

if that works out alright then I won’t bother making plates to fit in there, your right that would be a lot less hassle! 

looking through different threads I found a swage block stand I really like, it looks like those old factory cast stands with four legs,

I’m gonna copy that design, he used plate for the sides, but I’m gonna use this pipe an just weld my supports inside, an then cut out the legs, 

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Make sure you get sharp sand rather than riverine. The latter has its edges all rounded off from the action of tumbling in the water, while the former is made from crushed rock and has lots of little points that lock together and become almost rigid when packed down.

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Some of the swage blocks hit 150 pounds and more. 

One swage block design that was posted a while back had a socket welded to the side of the stand to accept a small jib crane with a boat wench for lifting and turning the swage block. 

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