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Memorial Day 2021

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Dear All,

Here in the US it is the start of Memorial Day weekend.  I think I am the senior veteran here and will make my annual request:  Please remember that Memorial Day is not just the first long weekend of the summer but remember the occasion for it and remember all the men and women who didn't get a chance to come home from America's Wars.  I was fortunate enough to make it home and live a full life, grow old, and, amongst many other things, become a blacksmith.  Too many never had that chance and crossed over the rainbow bridge way too early.


George Monsson

Lt. Col., Army of the United States (ret.)

late of 1/C/1/12 Cav., 1 Cav. Div. (Airmobile), Rep. of Viet Nam, 1970-71

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I'm not American, but I'll still say "Thank you for your service."

We commemorated ANZAC day just over a month ago (April 25th) here in Australia and in the same way as Memorial day, it remembers Australian military service men and women who have served in all the conflicts Australia has been involved in. I offer the words we use on ANZAC day that I think would also be fitting for your memorial day: "Lest We Forget".



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Originally Memorial Day was to remember everyone who had passed. More recently it's evolved to remembrance of those who fell in war.  

I can't speak for others but I try to remember everyone who has passed and celebrate the happy memories.  I didn't know my Grandfathers and have a couple memories of sitting in my Maternal Grandfather's lap and listening to him talk. He passed when I was 3. My paternal Grandfather passed away in the Spanish Flu epidemic either late 1919 or early 1920, about the time Father was born.

My Uncle Brent used to take me stream fishing, supposedly to get me out of other people's hair but mostly because he'd just rather be fishing. I'm proud to have given him an excuse, 1950s family gatherings were . . . Nevermind. She showed me how to bait a hook with a worm, cricket or egg. Where to cast and how to hit what I was aiming at. How trout like to spend different times of day and how to drift bait past to make them hit. I even discovered a couple tricks myself and he'd get really excited with me. Not that I think he didn't know the tricks but at the time it was the best. We released almost everything, he wasn't crazy about eating trout, just catching them but we brought two home, one for Dad and one for me. Aunt Marie knew exactly how to fry trout. 

I'm more than grateful to all who serve and those who passed defending America, every day and I remember them on memorial day. I've lost personal friends, old school mates friends and not so much. I'd name them all but I can't so I say a prayer of thanks to them all.

But how do I not remember my tie with Uncle Brent? Then there was Uncles Fred and Frank, so different but so much like Father. 

Remember them all, I try.

Frosty The Lucky.

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10 hours ago, Steve Sells said:

We have veterans day for those that serve, whereas Memorial day is for those that fell

It's great that you have days for both.

ANZAC has come to be recognised for both but especially those that fell.

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Thank you all for your service.

I'll a glass of scotch for all of you,   and especially for those who never came home.


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Like many a vet, I answer on Memorial Day “I will pass your thanks on to then who deserve it when I see them next.”  We may be more acutely aware of the truth of the day, but the cives are trying and despite our own demons, a polite thank you is appropriate. 
what part of the navy did you serve in, anvil? My biological and Step Dad as well as an uncle were there at the time you were. 

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