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Making tongs, V-bit goose neck (pic heavy)


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So today i had to make a set of tongs. I have seen a small amount of discussion about them recently and thought i would show my process for this. They are pretty easy and dont matter left or right while making them. 2 measurements is all i do. The rest is by "feel" 

So i start with a piece of 1" x 1/2" bar. This one is 36" long so no tongs needed to make them. I mark off 1 1/2".


Then heat and with half faced blows at the far side of the anvil draw down the material behind the mark to about 1/2"


Draw out the material till it is about 1/2" x 1/2" the width of the anvil face. 


Half faced blows again on the near side to make a nice square corner, this will be the boss. (a misplaced hammer blow made these a bit more than anvil face wide, just make a mark on the side of the anvil to draw out the other side to the proper length.)


Again mark 1 1/2" from the offset, flip and with half faced blows again start drawing out. (did not get a pic of marking but you should get the idea from the pic)


You can go for drawing out the reigns or do like do draw them out a litte then weld on 1/2" round for reigns. 

Should look something like this.


Round up the boss a little if you want or leave as is. 


Split the bit. I used an angle grinder but whatever method you wish to use is fine.


I use my hardy cut off to start then go to the corner of my anvil and spread the bit.




Turn the bit to about 45*.


I use the horn but i the put a curve behind the bit, hammer down next to the boss then over the horn till the bit is about on the same plane as the reign end.


Punch, drill, or like i did use your laser vision to make a hole.


Repeat the entire process on the other end of the bar. Draw out the reigns to desired length. I am not going to show all that, i assume if you are making tongs you know how to draw out your metal, also i assume you already know how to either put in a rivet or bolt so i wont go into that. Here is what the finished product looks like. They will need tweaked after assembly to align the bits and rigns. 


Anyway hope at least someone found this helpful. Oh yeah right or left dont matter becuase the boss is flat and you will align the bits and reigns to get them straight. They are a bit heavy but work great. This is my 3rd set made this way. 

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I have been working on my first set of tongs starting with heavy 3/4” round stock.  Worked jaws and boss last few days off.  Will draw out the reigns on next days off with my new anvil.  I tried to punch trough drift but failed and just drilled.  I will cut off 6” off each side for more projects and draw out the shorter pieces to original lengths thus reducing weight.  They look rough now but they are my first shot at forging.  The new anvil is huge step up from trailer hitch.  Excited to learn tapering.  Thanks for encouragement.

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Thomas, my anvil is 3 1/2" wide i think. 

I did this becuase i have never done any kind of a tutorial, i had to make a set of tongs, and a lot of people struggle at making tongs so i figured what the hey maybe i can help someone along their path with it. And if i did help 1 person i feel like i made an accomplishment.  

Thanks ya'll for the positive feedback. 

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