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  1. The eyes look like a sprocket but too deep to be motorcycle?
  2. My day is sunnier now. Funny coincidence, I just got off the phone with my wife and asked her to pick me up some metal cutting jigsaw blades. I wanted to make a mandala out of aluminum scrap to cover up a hole on my hood, my plan was to have very similar arms as your sun. Fine choice on the eyes.
  3. The safest way to carve with a chainsaw is with a "dime tip", very little kickback. A normal chainsaw can be converted with a dime tip bar kit; or what I did is buy a rechargeable stihl chainsaw with a dime tip. Their cheapest model is $300 and works excellent. Get 45 minutes of fun before recharging, by then you are tired.
  4. funny Mr. Powers; an internet smart tv is literally the "eye of sauron". My smart tv has an eye on it that stays on even when it is off. Some, I think, samsung tvs actually warn that it is recording everything in the house. I think all information is fed into a central AI that probably has gone rougue, that is why the world is in the state it is now, aka technological singularity or eye of sauron.
  5. I also had a bout with video games. Me and my wife used to play Borderlands with split screen for hours; it was full of magic and action, fun. But, I always preferred the outdoors. Hiking the woods as a kid, and trail running now with my wife.
  6. I think my character was a paladin in D&D. I was more interested in painting the miniature metal characters. Then got into building rockets, the hardest skill levels the better, launching them and then the challenge of trying to catch the rocket with parachute before it hits the ground. Good times.
  7. Based on what these senior members have said, adding a lean too to your existing 10x14 shop may be the best idea to protect your health. There is a mountain of knowledge about the risks of CO breathing on this site how it replaces blood oxygen and makes you very sick. But if you decide to go ahead with the indoor gas/coal forge then I would install a hood and alarm gas meter. I would locate the anvil and the hood in a center location far away from walls. Study different hood designs on this site that accommodate both gas/coal, penetrate the roof with double walled pipe to code and extend p
  8. If the floor can handle the weight, use discounted brick and sweep sand in joints. Mortar will crack from hammer blows.
  9. I had a fire going under the hood while I was angle grinding circular openings in it. The grinding disk is well worn. It melted through instead of cut through in many places. Several times even bogged the grinder to a halt. I smelled aluminum fumes! I drank plenty of water and aimed the debris away from my body.
  10. The other day I had to cut 2 openings in a 4ft diameter perforated aluminum hood for my firepit forge. Since the reciprocal saw was causing too many vibrations, I had to use the angle grinder. In the process off cutting/melting through arc cuts I caught many whiffs of aluminum vapor. The next day I was more tired than usual and had less endurance on a run with my wife. Metal fume fever?
  11. Get a metal ball bearing and tape measure, if you get 75% from the rebound test then offer $2.30/lb. If they refuse the offer, then go buy a 136lb chinese steel anvil new for same price. I could not find any used anvils in my area and am happy with my chinese anvil. I started hammering ambidexterous and using the anvil rebound to do most of the work.
  12. Day off from work; forged last half of day. More progress on aluminum fire pit hood. Took solid aluminum center flange that I removed from satellite dish and cut with reciprocal saw to fill in void in hood cone; drilled and bolted this down. For transition from hood to 14” pipe, repurposed old stainless steel smoker and bolted to hood. Cut 2 openings with angle grinder, difficult. Smoothed sharp surfaces too. Buddy will bring over free stainless steel roll to cover perforated aluminum hood in future. Worked more on drawing out reins on tongs. Love larger ball peen hammer ambidextrous.
  13. Are you are planning to penetrate the roof and install hood and pipe; super sucker? If you are, I am sure the folks on this forum could suggest the best location based on rafter pics, ergonomics and code clearances.
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