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Forge not getting up to welding temp

Ian Knight

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I recently bought a 2 burner forge and have been able to heat up and move some metal but have not been able to attain welding temperatures. The overall size is 18 x 8 x 8.5. There is a rear door and all 5 closed sides are lined with 2 Inches Kaowool. I have 2 venturi burners and am running about 8 lbs PSI on the gas. I am getting an orange glow and an infrared temp gun shows a temp of just about 1000 degrees. Any tips on tweaks I can make to get that temp higher? 



Forge (2).png

PSI (2).png

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Welcome aboard, if you put your general location in your profile, there may be members close enough to lend a hand. The first thing I noticed is the Kaowool doesn't look like it is ridgedized or coated with a hard flame face. That would be a health hazard if so. Also detailed pictures of the burners would help.

Have you read through this thread?


Or this one? READ THIS FIRST

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That forge is on the large size for a single burner, unless it is 0ne-inch or more size.

The floor is brick; a poor insulator.

The flame's colors are being washed out by the incandescent background, but it is plain to see it is not centered, therefore, improving it should  be pretty simple.

None of this is intended as criticism, just as places where your can find improvement in performance

I am assuming that there is somekind of door that you have left open to  show the enterior better; if not, start your improvements there.

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Steve; I've noticed that a lot of the younger people are a little more casual about safety; while the folks who are older and "the chickens have come home to roost" make a point of harping on safety issues. I guess we are trying to help folks avoid things we are living with nowadays...

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As my dad would say, you can have youth or wisdom, seldom both.

To be fair, those who know better have been trying to teach us young guys (I don't actually know the age of this person) to be more cautious for as long as there has been young and old.

"Yea, yea, I get it, but that won't happen to me!"

-Every kid/young adult ever

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Statistics and Human reactions to toxins and other insults to their bodies make for a precarious method of judging what will be the result wrt  1 person.  My Grandfather on my father's side smoked unfiltered Camels from his teens until his death.  I still remember him sitting in a chair with a cigarette in one hand and an oxygen mask in the other. However he didn't have lung cancer!  He died of emphysema.

But statistics certainly "show you the way to bet"!

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