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I Forge Iron

Show us your hinges, strap, butterfly, welded, wrapped.etc,etc

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Hinge on the bottom after a design in the Hammer's Blow (ABANA publication).  Rolled barrel.


One piece forged corner pintles and forge welded barrels.


Big barn door hinges, 4 foot long.  Forge welded.  The ring pull is also a latch, it rotates.  Barn is new construction but traditional timber frame, all wooden joinery.  


Entry door hardware on a 1806 English style timber frame barn that I restored and rebuilt a few years ago.



Forge welded faux hinges on a clad refrigerator door.  The same functioning hinges were on all the other cabinetry so when closed you couldn't tell which was the fridge.  Just the kitchen in this house cost more money than I will make in my entire life.  



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Judson, wonderful work.. I also love that finial in the first photo with the holes.. Not sure what you would call it on the square bar. 

I love that hinge too.  Very nice clean forgings.  Excellent to see.. 

Do you happen to have a top view of the welded strap hinge barrels? 

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1 minute ago, pnut said:

Nice work Judson, Yves. I love seeing hinges and latches. I seem to be a little obsessed with them right now Hahaha. 


Just add compulsion to your obsession and you'll forge a few more …

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That's the problem. Since I've been on Coronacation I haven't felt compelled to do anything. I'm getting far too lazy. If it wasn't supposed to rain I'd get out and get the forge lit but I forge outside and have to keep the forge in my vehicle. As soon as I get it lit and good and hot I'm sure the sky would open up. I can even smell the rain so it's probably close. 





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I thought I'd show other things that need hinges. Forged Hardware is a great way to make some good money as a part time or full time smith

260818133_southwestdoorhardware1_1.thumb.jpg.e3b32ea020537471ddc35bf3cfaedad6.jpgthese hinges are a simple butt hing with a forge welded barrel. The purpose of this iron is to not be the focal point but to accent the woodwork and draw your eye to the wood details. It is an oversized door so I added oilite bushings and a thrust washer. The finials on the eustion match the seashell carved into the door.1217955747_SWStrap1_1(1).thumb.jpg.8e460c092c8d2f4e54a79179b72dc89d.jpg

This is the heaviest hinge I've made. 3/8" mild steel  Forged welded barrel. I often add a oilite or brass washer to protect the steel from wear. 


Rat tail hinges are one of my favorite hinges


This one was for a set of French doors. Fog welded barrel.


The attachment is a lag screw with the head cut off, then I added a forge welded collar for mass. A delicate weld here done in one heat. The length of this piece matches the offset of the cabinet door. This has no off set the door was flush with the jamb.


I've never had the luxury to just practice, so I make a sample that tells the story of how it's made and to find the boogers and traps. Then OJT to for "practice". It took about half the job to be able to get this forge weld in one heat and not have the butt weld etc to disappear.


Pintle hinges for fireplace screen. Rolled barrel.


For those who prefer forge welded barrels, the top hinge barrel is forge welded to the strap. The choice between rolled or forge welded barrels for me is determined by many things. Basically the time difference is minimal, so the choice is esthetics of each job.


This is a fire screen for a nursery. It is a perspective drawing in iron. Notice the perimeter scroll (sides and bottom) are one piece.




I made the garden Gate with working hinges. Little butterfly hinges with a rolled barrel. Lol, it's a traditional made gate and the frame is made with 3/8" square stock, I believe. 


A garden Gate. Playing with line. The pickets match the siding and are on the diamond. The bottom pickets are one piece with the center scrolls.


Simple hinges from forged right angle bends and a large rivet


Cabinet hinge for a friend. Lol, he forgot to add the brass washer.


I did these for a log house. I used this pattern for exterior doors, interior doors, and cabinetry. Each was a different size.

SW Strap 1_1 (1).jpg

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Nice work Anvil..  Love seeing the gate work.. You have a very nice eye.  I love the depth of the 3/8" hinges and the bevel.. Forged bevels? 

Yves, I love the hinges and pintels. Not sure what those clip looking things are on the outside though?  So, what are they? 

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10 minutes ago, jlpservicesinc said:

Yves, I love the hinges and pintels. Not sure what those clip looking things are on the outside though?  So, what are they?

Clips,  I added, for the fun of it. As if they would hold back clinched nails that might have broken … Just a design,  exercise. Superfluous.

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On 5/30/2020 at 8:42 PM, yves said:

Clips,  I added, for the fun of it. As if they would hold back clinched nails that might have broken … Just a design,  exercise. Superfluous.

JLP services,
My clips were made in the spirit of the clips  described by Viollet L Duc in "L" of the following drawing. They were needed where they were used (Abbaye de Poissy) to hold the door together which I did not need with my doors making them superfluous.


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