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Steel-Wool article

George N. M.

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Dear All,

I am posting this link primarily for those IFI members who are in, as Thomas Powers puts it, a steel-wool relationship.  I really understand this since my late wife was an accomplished spinner, weaver, and fiber author.  My theory is that craft is attracted to craft.  Someone who has a love of working with their hands will be attracted to someone with the same inclination.

Here is a very interesting article about the things that have been found in a melting ice patch/glacier in Norway:


"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."


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Thank you for the link! A good read for a dull day.

You don't knit and play with steel at the same time? How about knitting metals other than steel? Heck this'll probably work with steel too just not as easily.


Frosty The Lucky.

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3 hours ago, George N. M. said:

Someone who has a love of working with their hands will be attracted to someone with the same inclination.

I think that's spot on. In the 43 years my wife & I have been together, I can't name all the different hobbies we have been involved in. She is accomplished in so many things it staggers my mind. Leather work, show rabbits which led to fiber arts spinning & weaving, pottery, Karate (second degree black belt) slowed down by injuries & now blacksmithing.

Myself it's mostly restoring old stuff like firearms primarily muzzleloaders which involve metal & wood work, old oil lamps mostly Aladdin lamps, Jeeps & old tractors and of course blacksmithing.

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It can be dangerous though.  I'm still pretty sure that me getting bees for mead crafting contributed in the long run to my last divorce.  I could get my bees if she could get a few chickens, the next thing I know we're running a farm with a few hundred chickens, plus assorted goats, pigs, horses, turkeys, etc and she's leaving me for a horse farmer 50 years her senior. It wasn't craft exactly, but the creative impulse nonetheless.

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