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I Forge Iron

Special collaboration making a Dutch "Spekkendikken" tongs.

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The only thing I don't get is the part about not cooking over a charcoal forge fire. :huh: 

Would you mind posting the spekkendikken recipe? It's my kind of recipe, about this much butter, etc. a pinch of salt, make that two and three eggs. . . DARN dog ate the third one! Two eggs. 

My Mother and Grandmother cooked by guess and by gosh. Big handfull, little handfull, dab, dollop, dash, drizzle, drop, glug. The only time they used measuring cups and spoons was baking. Always sift the dry ingredients together!

I believe these things were known to us English as "wafer irons" and later "waffle irons." 

I loved the video, thank you. I assume you were striking? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Thomas, that's about what I remember though I don't recall where, heck it might have been Food Network, Alton Brown maybe he goes into history. 

You're probably right John though I don't think it's that much a problem, lots of old school pizza ovens are coal fired. 

A version would be nice around an evening camp fire.

Frosty The Lucky.

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