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Anyone in NW Washington?

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Hi, I used to post here a lot, moved a few months back to Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island. There's a couple of groups in state, but Spokane is too far, shoot even the one south of Seattle is a bit iffy until I get my car/finances back in better shape. Love to play given the opportunity.

I'm not quite starting over at scratch, but most of my tools are stuck in a storage unit in Georgia, and no money to go back for them for awhile. My best anvils, the post vises, blower, all but five or six tongs, my hot cuts/cold cuts, punches, drifts, swages, swage block, rivet tools, nail header, brushes, mallets, twisting wrenches, scroll forms, stock...you get the idea. So the good news is, the quality of all my hand forged tools will be improving...because now when I make them all again I'm better than when I started. Or maybe I'll be lazy and make hooks and bottle openers and the like to finance tool purchase.

Got a good 75 lb Columbian, and most of my hammers, plus some steel (mild and a bit of spring, no I won't sell used spring, but I'll use it for making my own tools somewhat) and a 55 forge that I cobbled together. I've given up on affordable coal (I can get it at 50 something cents a lb and a long drive) and have been making charcoal about 15 gallons at a time.

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Welcome to the great Northwest. I’m  in Granite Falls, (closer to you than Seattle) 4elements is a a very knowledgeable smith that lives out this way too.

Navy? I worked in the safety office at Whidbey NAS for a time. Beautiful area.

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Ain't nobody, like Nobody!!

You are in the Heart of the North West Blacksmith Association. A lot of members in and around Pugeot Sound, Gulf Islands, I-5 corridor, Warshington. Spring Conference in Longview in 2 weeks. There will be quite a group going from your area. I will probably cross at Port Angeles and drive down your way.



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On 5/4/2018 at 10:05 PM, HammerMonkey said:

4elements is a a very knowledgeable smith 

Hammer monkey you give me way WAY too much credit. Welcome nobody, I'll be at the NWBA conference for all three days. Join up and come down, it will be so worth your time. It's a 3 hour drive for me and I know out would be longer for you however the opportunities for learning, connecting and tailgating are fantastic

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