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  1. What did you do in the shop today?

    It's so simple, yet totally genius!
  2. What did you do in the shop today?

    Good idea... And here I was gonna eat ice cream with it...
  3. What did you do in the shop today?

    My very first project. It's a spoon! I'm pretty proud of it, so go easy on me. Made it out of a cut off machine bolt.
  4. What did you do?

    That's awesome, much appreciated! I did just buy the Whitlox wood forge (yes I know it's really chacoal for the semantics security forces). But I do still plan to build one.
  5. What did you do?

    I would love to have the time to sit and understand the details of building a forge and then putting it to practice. I just dont absorb through reading without pictures. lots of pictures.
  6. What did you do?

    Ive seen chile mentioned a number of times. One day if im worthy
  7. What did you do?

    I just read your post on that! from all the extra work that appears to go into even a store bought forge i think im going to take up needlepoint. ok... A Devil Forge comes semi-complete. Needs its wool sealed/rigidized and at least a couple hard fire bricks to close up the openings... Whereas a Diamondback is generally complete and fire ready because it uses ceramic board, although you are recommending a finish coat of... im guessing refractory of maybe 2800-3000F? Im going to hit up the NWBA Hammer-in in Longview this sunday on my way out of town and will be harassing... asking people a lot of the same questions. Im a visual person so without seeing it will take me longer to understand. But it sounds like its worth the few extra $$'s to buy 'Merican and get the DB single as opposed to buying the DF from Lithuania
  8. What did you do?

    Politics being what they are, there seems to be a lot of good factual information on DB webpage. Enough that i think i will go with a single burner for now. Im reading through Forges 101 and you have a lot of good info... 22 pages of info currently of which i am on page 2 so far (not much of a reader) I keep seeing about rigidizing the insulating fabric/wool. It seems like thats all that is said about it before moving on to talking about refractory cement. What are you using for a rigidizer if not the cement itself? or am i complicating this?
  9. What did you do?

    Just a follow up, I made a deal with the wife. I finish a class and i get to buy a gas forge. Well i finished my class and am a Nationally Registered EMR. Now i want my damn forge... I have grand ideas for a 2 piece gas forge that i want to build later and will probably order the Kastolite 30 for that. basically building in a removable partition wall between 2 cylinders kind of like a knife valve. But thats later. Im going to get me a Devil Forge 2 burner for now. Wayne, i will likely buy your instructions for building a grinder once i prove to myself i can stick with this craft. I have a bad habit of starting and stopping things.
  10. Well its only a week away now. I will be there on Sunday only as we are going up to Puyallup afterwards. Since i have never been to one before, should i be looking for particular booths? Any person that i should start an acquaintance with? What should i be expecting?
  11. Well hello

    I am quite aware and was well clear of the fire. Toss it in and walk away. I'll read those today. Would rather do things the better way when possible. what do you think of this guy's method? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi466qkzQ3k
  12. got the green light from the lady to go (i bribed her with Red Lobster for dinner) its after my class is done so i hope to be there for at least 3-4 hours. will know more in a month
  13. Well hello

    i like the sound of that Frosty! Just started burning off some galv pipe earlier this evening and ill take a wire wheel to it this weekend. gonna plumb my fire pit in the yard for now... already lined with fire brick so why not right? got some older grade 40 half inch rebar to make my first tongs... unless i should start with something else?? I probably sould clearify. im not Bubba. im actually Nash. My real name is Matt. My buddy Ryan is Bubba and we had a long runnning joke of who Bubba Nash is... even had name plates made up and put them on an office building. Good Times.
  14. What did you do?

    Well, i got 2 weekends left to get anything done. Can you or someone recommend a brand of refractory? too many to pick, and i would just get a 50lb bucket of 3000F degree premixed as cheap as it comes. same with the wool, i think we can understand that im a cheap skate and need to be told when to spend the extra money. for now im drilling a piece of 1 1/2 in pipe and hooking it into my fire pit out back.
  15. What did you do in the shop today?

    That claw hammer is fantastic! i would use that any day. been looking through here, you are quite impressive!