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  1. I made my first pineapple twist today! I cheated and used a grinder to make the grooves... I dont feel bad about it though. I also made my first hair keeper and pin.
  2. So ive been wondering this for a bit... i have a small stack of bucket teeth from excavator and caterpillar buckets that will never be used for their intended purpose. The small amount of research i have done so far is that most of these teeth have a mixture of nickle and Molybdenum which is what makes them very durable and corrosion resistant. What kind of trouble am I asking for with these puppies if i said i see a camping axe to be made?
  3. Just thought id put an update in. He has completed one surgery so far, they are talking about a second one - apparently they didnt get it all - but Travis is positive and upbeat as usual. We havent been told if its a cancer tumor or not but we are hopeful. Thanks everyone, keep them prayers coming.
  4. I just received notice about an hour ago that a fellow firefighter, tradesman, and friend Travis just arrived in the big city by helicopter for emergency surgery on his brain. He is one of the most mild, thoughtful, and honorable people i have ever met. I still owe him a BBQ set, i would like very much the chance to make good on that debt and see him again. Please pray he comes home healthy and happy.
  5. As a brother Firefighter and EMT, smithing is a great way of finding opportunity to focus your thoughts and emotions. its also a great way to get frustrated. Like Irondragon said, read the READ THIS FIRST page before you start taking on your first bowie. Also get some books, there are many beginning books that will help you.. i mean did you tube anyone before you learned how in a book? You also dont need a shop if you have some open space and the ability to move your set up into a covered area during bad weather. Tip: put your location in your profile, you dont know how close some of us may be.
  6. Rockstar is right, anything that has an arch is your friend with bending. Cones are nice but really if you have 2 or 3 round metal objects you can tighten your work to your need. Arms are not cylindrical so dont get too particular on making it a perfect circle. xxxx my first anvil was... well i dont really know what it was supposed to be originally, but it has a 5 inch radius on it and it worked till i got a piece of RR that i only used to make bends over. RR has 2 radius' on it - top and side. Cones were a luxury Copper would look really nice too all buffed up, and easily tweaks to her arm shape cold.
  7. Just on the chance that you have not completed it yet... Ive used a few preservatives like wolmanizing solution (commonly called end cut solution) and other products over the years for rot repair jobs. Oak is a very hard wood so you have a good start there already. The ends are going to soak up the most moisture so i would focus on treating them - particularly the bottom. I like Coppercoat by Woodlife. Its a copper napthanate preservatve which is what most of them are now. It will turn your wood blue or green - thats ok. . Other products work too with similar amount of the chemical. If it were me, id let the bottom of your stand soak in the stuff overnight and then let it dry for a few days. Just about anything you put on it will have some degree of flammability so make sure what ever you put on gets its full cure time. The other thought is just to let it dry fully and go untreated. if your shop is dry then its likely your oak stump will last quite some time as is. if by chance it IS complete, how did it turn out?
  8. agreed, but if he is anything like me its likely the item is still sitting on his dresser... So what did you do Cocker
  9. as you picture... take the sides in a bit, flare out the corners and insert a shiny rock in the middle and you have a butterfly or moth? weld it to a stick and she can put it in a little potted flower.
  10. Looks more like rotten wrought iron to me too (forgive, im a wood butcher by upbringing) brainstorming - but would faggoting this steel once make a difference? burns - not that it will do you a lot of good now, but as soon as you get burned next time (cause there will be a next time) get it wet and keep it wet. wet rag, wet paper towel stuffed in a glove, small bucket of clean water... just kill that burn with water. but just water - no ice. works for all burns. and like Nobody said - dont pop the blister
  11. Im on Long Beach... might as well be Astoria Oregon.
  12. My very first project. It's a spoon! I'm pretty proud of it, so go easy on me. Made it out of a cut off machine bolt.
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