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Looking at a 355 lb Fisher anvil tomarrow; what to look for?

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The gentleman that has it for sale told me it was dated, 1903.
355 lbs actual weight. He just had it weighed.
Says the top is level and clean.
It is on a metal stand.
Asking, a little under 2 dollars a lb.

How do you access an anvil?

Its a two and a half hour drive; what do you think?

Thanks in advance for your replies, Fred

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Sounds like a good deal. Take a ballpein hammer with you and strike the face of the anvil, the hammer should rebound back at you. CAUTION: DO NOT STRIKE HARD! it could cause damage to all four of you. 1-YOU, 2-the SALER, 3-anvil, and 4-hammer. Shoot, 2.5hrs away, make a day trip and see the sights....on the way back! Post pictures when you get it.

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For that price I'd consider re-heat treating if necessary. If it's lost it's heat treat in a fire I'd use it as a bargaining chip. Then again I live a couple thousand miles from good anvil deals so my perspective may be skewed.

Yeah yeah, okay, my perspective is naturally skewed but I'd buy it.


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Fisher anvils remain flat because the body is cast iron. They're quieter, too. With a little luck your anvil to be will have nothing but a few small edge chips, which is no big deal.

A level and clean face would be what I would expect from a good Fisher that hasn't been abused. I have a small Fisher that I like, but if I was to upgrade, another Fisher in the three-hundred pound range would be precisely what I would want. Good going.

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Sometimes you can get good deals on fishers since they do not ring. An anvil that should ring---but doesn't is a *STAY* *AWAY* and so folks who don't know fishers will sometimes think there is a problem.

Sure makes a difference to the ears after a long day in the shop.

However I don't like Fishers as demo anvils as the sound of the anvil ringing out helps draw people in---good idea to wear ear plugs though...

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