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Party trick

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I've seen a fire started that way with a 2lb hammer faster strike and a little paper. It does show why a good smith seems to get more time at the anvil per heat, he is putting heat in when he hammers , thinks while the iron is in the fire. and working only the area that should be worked in each heat. Another trick to that stunt is raising the work just off the anvil between each strike. Still it's cool to see it done.

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I just got back from the shop where I succeeded in embarrassed myself. So I admit it, Moony your the better man (this time).

Take the challenge, post the video. Just mention IForgeIron in the video so we know it is the real thing.

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15 minutes ago, Frank Turley said:

Some years back, I was told that some of the Japanese bladesmiths start their rice straw on fire by double striking a small piece of iron. The rice straw then goes to start the prepared forge fire. Nice little ceremony and it saves matches.

I saw that being done on some video (can't remember which one) about Japanese sword making. In that case, the smith started with a thin iron rod, hammered it to a hot point, and used it to ignite a piece of rice paper.

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