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Sgian Dubh Colaboration (pic heavy)


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Been a while since I've made any knives, but I just had to do this one. littleblacksmith sent me some cable Damascus he made and asked me if I wanted to do a collaboration. First time working with cable Damascus, but it was a blast. The handle is a pretty piece of maple that I cut a couple years ago. Sheath is more maple with leather lining on the inside. Tubalcain2 - thanks for the pointers on doing the sheath! I'm happy with the way it turned out, for being by fist wood sheath, and I hope to more of them.

Critiques always welcome!









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Looks very nice. My only critique would be to make the tip a little finer but that's just my taste.  The fit of the knife to the sheath looks good and tight. The wood choice fits the look.

So how Did you do the wooden sheath? When I have done a few in the past I just had two matching halves and chiseled out the space for the blade after outlining it then glued the halves together then shaped the outside. It was a whole lot of going by eye and fitting really. 

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Thanks guys.

 Das - The way I did the sheath sounds like what you described, just with the added step of cutting a piece of soft leather for each side. You can check the fit by clamping the two haves together around the blade and leather. To tight, more chiseling. To loose, you can sand the  un-chiseled face of the wood down.

About the filework... I was going to do that but I forgot. Of course, I remembered it as I was doing the heat treat.:rolleyes: The false edge isn't very traditional either, so I guess it may be more of a Sgian Don't. 

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Thanks y'all!

TP - Interesting. Any particular kinds of leather that do that? I used soft upholstery type leather with the bottom grain facing in. Of course, veg and oil tan is commonly used on sheaths, though I have heard people say not to store your knife in its sheath. Never known anyone that does it, though. Please educate me.

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Wow, wow, wow! That is amazing Chris! very beautiful, I like it a lot.


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Thanks guys!

For the etch, I did three ten minute soaks, cleaning up in between, in a 1:3 ratio of ferric to water. After that, I did one coat of Birchwood Casey Super Blue and sanded over the high spots with 1200 grit. Really helped make that "web" stand out.

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