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I Forge Iron

found this stake anvil

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It looks to be fabricated from two pieces of square stock, and with the long horn way off from the sweet pot over the leg it certainly is a scrolling anvil. Lacking a pritchel hole or a hardy I would say that it would be difficult to forge shoes as part of the process involves cuttin the stock to length and punching nail holes. As to shaping led shoes I would say yes, a functional anvil. The use of an anvil dog and bolster plat would solve the other problems as would a bit of machine work. A hardy in the front and a pritchel or two in the back perhaps. 

It dose appear to be a pritchel hole in the plate it rests in, and would work well with long head stamp and pritchel

The mushroomed edges indicate to me a soft anvil with some mileage. I would not be surprised if it i dead wasn’t used to shape shoes.

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I found this anvil to be interesting but wasn't sure about the story that was given.. I also find all your replies interesting and informative .. I never thought about the possible military aspect of it... that sort of intrigues me even more.. any and all thoughts are appreciated .. I decided I couldn't resist it for $165.00 so I ended up buying it..   JT

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I see what appears to be a dressed electric weld were the leg was attached. One would assume if it is a forge weld then smiths would have been involved and they would have placed the stake closer to the horn, avoiding the off center deign of the anvil. Despite the clean lines of the anvil the off set and the mushrooming just give me the impression of a shop built anvil. Usable for sure.

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