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  1. Hoof picks

    A little thicker than a flathead screwdriver, same shape. I always dull the corners for horse people so they don't bleed them. Yes that'll happen. For a professional, I keep the corners fairly sharp. They know feet better. Horseshoes work ok for picks, but I find them not wide enough to fit hands. Hard to see the shape of the tip, but you can kind of see it.
  2. What size propane tank do you have & why?

    I dont know if I agree with that. It gets hot in northern Illinois in the summer and I've had them freeze on me. Propane will freeze the tank from the draw, not just weather dependant
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Lol yes!! Hahahahaha
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    This is called a sidebone shoe. Specialty shoe for horses. This is a miniature version of one you'd nail on a horse.
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I have a few times!!!! Lol. I'm a work in progress hahaha
  6. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I'm impressed with everyone's work. Thanks for sharing
  7. What size propane tank do you have & why?

    I run 20s and 40s. I'd rather a 100lb, but don't have a place for it. The nice thing about a bigger tank is, it won't freeze up as fast and you can usually draw out every little bit in the bigger tanks. I hate freeze ups. If they do freeze, grab a bin or muck bucket, put the tank in it, fill it with water and strap it down. It won't freeze that way. They will float so you have to strap them down. Water doesn't have to be hot either. Straight from the hose works fine
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Hoof pick and bottle cap opener combo. For the horse owner or farrier that enjoys a cold beverage.
  9. Joey van der Steeg quitting blacksmithing professionally

    That's a respectable reason(s)
  10. smiths /associations near Savanna Illinois

    There's UMBA. Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association.
  11. Liability question

    You'll get your best and most accurate answers from asking a lawyer that knows the laws
  12. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Excellent. I'm enjoying this thread and watching you progress. Looking great!
  13. Jasen's smithing progression.

    For your drift, what are the sizes your trying to achieve?
  14. brass/copper finish

    These longhorns are really neat. I want to learn how to make them. I have some cowboy friends that would really like them
  15. Hammer drift material Q's

    That's super correct with tool steels!!! Proper forging temp for h13 according to the "Heat treating Society" is Heat slowly. Pre heat 1300-1500°F, start forging at 1950-2100°F. Do not forge when temp of stock drops below 1650°F. Cool slowly. I don't see any need to heat treat it. H13 is pretty tough stuff.