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  1. Should I skip work for this?

    As said, auctions are hit and miss. How much is this anvil going go cost? How much money are you going to miss out on at work? That has to be factored in the price of the anvil as well. If you dont end up with the anvil, you missed out on making a bunch of money at work. It's a gamble, but I feel missing work and paying a fair price for it is probably going to be more expensive. Your call.
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Yes, definitely going to need a long soak in the forge. What do you do for tempering?
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    What's your plan for heat treating it?
  4. Horse shoes with Borium

    A torch works great. Easier than a forge. Just keep working at it. And do NOT hit that stuff with a hammer or against your anvil. Messes them up in a hurry.
  5. Industrial teamwork

  6. 1st Post Vise

    You'd have to temper it too or it would be brittle and break. Quite honestly, I wouldn't bother heat treating. I made one from mild steel and it even works fine. Forge and let air cool. It'll work just fine
  7. Making Hammer Question

    Maybe look for some 4140 or 1045. I know there's places all over the states that sell hammer size stock of that stuff
  8. Anvil dressing - to do's, and not to do's.

    I guess I'm different than others, but I like the got go to a point. I use a point a lot. A very handy tool really. And some sharp edges on an anvil are also super handy. I've done several things that need a sharp edge. Start with a sharp edge and a point in your anvil and decide if you need it or not. You'll find them both very handy
  9. Hardie Hole size

    I would do 1" straight square through
  10. What tongs should I buy

    Depends on what you're going to be making. The size of material? I find wolf jaw tongs pretty handy. They make them in different sizes as well. There's a lot of different kinds of tongs. You'll need to be a bit more specific
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Little keychain for the mother inlaw for Christmas. The rose ended up a little taller than i would've liked, but I works.
  12. Forge welding

    @JustAnotherViking, that was a good morning chuckle. Also, so true!
  13. Forge welding

    Yes use flux! You can use borax, or there's a product called iron mountain flux. It has iron in it and it makes forge welding super easy. I've had no bad experiences with it. Down side is, it costs a lot more than a box of mule team. Flat stock works well to start with. Make rungs out of them. And after welding, and cooled, they will ring if welded. If not, it's just a thud.
  14. First axe

    Figure out how much you have in materials. Then in your heating source. Then wear and tear on your equipment. Then, wear and tear on your body. Then, your other overhead costs. Health insurance, rent, educational time spent learning how yo do things. Liability insurance. How much is your time worth hourly. Also dont rule out any drive time. Wear and tear on your vehicle. Insurance. Fuel. There's more for sure. Think of all the small costs that go into making things and incorporate that into your price also. Also price depends on location. Pretty pricey towards the end. Don't be scared to charge. People will pay it. Best advice I got 12 years ago was "charge them until you like them". Believe it or not, it works. People appreciate hand made things. Also, some peoples thoughts are, if it costs more, it must be a great product!
  15. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    @lazyassforge that is sweet!