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  1. Its forshner's hoof packing. It works very well as tool lube and under pads on horses feet. I forget what it has in it exactly.
  2. Daswulf - I wish my mind would work in an artistic way like yours (and several other people on this forum). That angel turned out great. Maybe someday I'll hit my head right and the proper thinking will start working
  3. George Grist - Yup, us farriers picked up that trait from blacksmiths!
  4. I've heard that too if the replacement is done posterior. I had mine done anterior and I'm not limited on those movements. I mean I shoe horses and bend, squat, twist, run and whatever else. So maybe find a surgeon that will do an anterior replacement. And the incision is only about 4"
  5. I'm 32 and have had 4 hip surgeries. 1 being a replacement on my left leg. I started forging about 4 weeks afterwards. Very slowly and tender, but I did it. I had a right hip surgery 6 weeks after the left replacement. I waited 3 months and went back to work. I shoe horses full time. It'll let you know when you step or twist wrong. Have at it!!
  6. Ranchmanben - Craig is an animal with a hammer in his hand. I've sgod horses with him one day and it was an amazing experience. Between the way he gets around horses and then pretty much eagle eyes a foot to cut the steel and make a shoe.
  7. Ranchmanben - I doubt the teeth are necessary, but I'm not sure. You'd have to test with and without. These are just about the same as Jim's tongs. They were made by Yukon Forge. Long time out of business unfortunately. They are absolutely not weaker. I feel they are stronger with the shoulder in the reins honestly. And yes, they look sweet. Latticino - here is a fantastic reference video for bolt tongs with the shoulder and offset. And here are flat jaw tongs
  8. beslgsmed - I met Rick once years ago when I was testing for certification. Never really got a chance to talk with him though
  9. Here are the ones I like. 17" from the tip of jaws to the end of the reins
  10. I like and prefer the tong style. Point on 1 jaw to go in the nail hole and flat on the other jaw going against the inside rim of the shoe. I also like a ring on the end of the reins so I don't have to worry about the shoe falling out when I set it on the ground while making sole relief. And usually, from what I've used, they'll generally fit a 5/16" thick shoe in the jaws. Can make quick adjustments at the anvil without switching tongs. I'll take a picture of mine later today for ya. Hope all that helps ya out.
  11. S7 is overkill for sure. 1045 would be perfect. They get hot, but not red hot. Even mild steel would be ok, but I've found tongs with a bit more carbon in them hold up a bit better.
  12. jlpservicesinc - yes, there are side doors. Drivers side has propane and shoe rack. Passenger side has knife buffer, bandsaw and a shelving unit with a bunch of stuff in it. The anvil is a tapered heel Scott and weighs 100#. Fantastic anvil
  13. Here's my shop/traveling shop. I shoe horses out of it
  14. Hahaha!! Daswulf - he might have as well... In all honesty, what would be a fair price for it. I have no problem hurting peoples feelings offering a very low price
  15. Can I use it? You bet! Do I really need it...not so much. Haha. For what he wants for it and my needs, I might have to pass it up unfortunately. I already have a post vise or 2 that work great. This was going to be more of an impulse buy...
  16. I believe the dewalts also have 2 different amp ratings on the 4 1/2". I always get the higher amp one
  17. I think it still works fine. I doubt it would need a repair. I might have to go see it
  18. Test and make a fillet knife!! I'm going to do the same thing before to long! I've tested and failed and broke more things than I should, but I learned a bit from it all!!
  19. This is what I have for pictures. It does look like a corner is broke off the piece that slides at the tail end?
  20. I have a chance at a Charles Parker 806. It's in very good shape. Says it weighs 152# with 6" jaws. What's a fair price for it?
  21. You could certainly make horseshoes and shoe horses off that anvil. Never seen a shoeing anvil like that, but it would work no problem! Wouldn't be anything I'd keep with me in my shoeing rig though.
  22. That'll be a thumper JHCC. What's the weight so far? What size fuller did you use and what size would you use next time?