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Has anyone seen one of these

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Has anyone seen one of these and what is it called?

Not for sale but I found it on CL 

The anvil appears to have 4 parts,

The anvil stand,

The clamping device, with the top of the clamping device as the center face of the anvil, 

The horn and square hole swage,

The heel and round hole swage.

The horn and heel are connected by a common round shaft going through the clamping device and attached to both the horn and heel.

You would loosen the bolts on the clamping device, rotate the horn and heel, and tighten the clamping device to hold it in place.

PS...Glenn helped me out with the descriptions.

Very interesting!




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I spoke with the owner of the anvil and he provided IForgeIron with permission to use the photographs.

The anvil was made about 2002 by a fellow from Indiana. The anvil can be turned by hand. The shaft is 6 inches diameter and was taken from an Fairbanks engine crank shaft. The anvil weighs 1000 pounds.


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