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  1. Very, very nice!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us...I love it!!!!!
  2. Very, very nice!!!! Did you forge the blood groove or machine it? Did you do the casting of the brass? Some skills you've got there! Looking good!!!
  3. Little 3/8 rebar black snake...Hanging from a shelf...Wifey said it needs to go...lol
  4. Has anyone seen one of these and what is it called? Not for sale but I found it on CL The anvil appears to have 4 parts, The anvil stand, The clamping device, with the top of the clamping device as the center face of the anvil, The horn and square hole swage, The heel and round hole swage. The horn and heel are connected by a common round shaft going through the clamping device and attached to both the horn and heel. You would loosen the bolts on the clamping device, rotate the horn and heel, and tighten the clamping device to hold it in place. PS
  5. That is so Kool...Does it bite? LOL
  6. I just ran across this info. This is the tool to install the "tail pipe" (so called) of a Penberthy Injector. Actually there are three tail pipes used on the injector: one for the steam, one for the water, and one for the combined boiler feed. Injectors come in graduated sizes hence the graduated squares. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/antique-machinery-and-history/help-identify-device-marked-penberthy-172972/
  7. Maybe a go / no go gauge for a pattern maker or foundry man?
  8. Ahhhhaa...Didnt know about this. I stll like his videos...Seems like he's a down to earth pleasant guy on video. I personally think he's a self taught individual and doesnt know the proper terms of smithing...This is lacking to others but doesnt bother me. There are some on the site that just like to get under peoples skin and they do a good job at it in my opinion. But I wont disagree...You have to deal with folks in a mature way. (It's way to easy to put attitude into what your are reading sometimes and way to easy to feel your hiney is getting kicked around the b
  9. Made these for my new (In the works) home office...14 more to go. These will hold ruff cut oak shelving surrounding the office for holding antique knick knacks...Cans, bottles, etc. Still need to drill monting holes and re-heat / brush / wax. Made from 1" flat stock and 1/2" square bar. plug welded from the back...I know rivets wold look better. Hoping to have these down to 4 brackets every 2 hours+. Thanks for looking...Bruce
  10. Mr Houston...Love your work and your videos!!!! Great to see you on this site! Thanks for sharing!
  11. You've wowed us once again with your furniture making skills!!!! Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!!!!!
  12. NIce looking grinders...Looking good!
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