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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys! My dad picked up a peice of one inch plate that’s 24” by 24” for free off a job site he was working on. The plan is for a striking anvil! I was thinking since we have the plate to make it 6 inches wide by 24 inches long with a one inch hardie hole. But I was wondering since I have the length if I should put a different shaped hole on the other end like a swage block Kinda? Like a rectangular hole for drifting axes and such? thanks Rylan
  2. Has anyone seen one of these and what is it called? Not for sale but I found it on CL The anvil appears to have 4 parts, The anvil stand, The clamping device, with the top of the clamping device as the center face of the anvil, The horn and square hole swage, The heel and round hole swage. The horn and heel are connected by a common round shaft going through the clamping device and attached to both the horn and heel. You would loosen the bolts on the clamping device, rotate the horn and heel, and tighten the clamping device to hold it in place. PS...Glenn helped me out with the descriptions. Very interesting!
  3. Hello I would like to know more about my new to me swage block and original stand for it. I know there is no way to tell what year ect it was made or by who it was made. But if there is any other way to find out more info I would like to learn more about this piece. Here are some pictures of it. I am excited to own it and I am going to love to learn more about it and blacksmithing in general. I have not weighted it yet but it is 16"x16"x4.5" Thanks Nick
  4. Yesterday I acquired my first and hopefully my last swage block. The only mark I can find on the block is a No. 4 with no other logo or manufacturer's identification. I originally agreed to buy it a year ago but the seller and I have not been able to get together. Yesterday he delivered it to an event we were both attending. I agreed to buy it sight unseen based on his asking price and my knowledge of the guys integrity. He refused to take any money until I had the change to look at it but when I saw it I believed i had been given a great deal. He had said something about a Vulcan swage block but I could not remember if it was the one I agreed to purchase or another he had. It seems to be in fantastic condition with little sign of wear. it has a rust brown patine with some dirt but other than that like new. In fact it appears to need to some dressing to reduce the sharp corners around the holes and edges. I checked online and it appears to be have been made by Illinois Iron and Tool Co for Vulcan and is a #4 which would seem to indicate it weighs 168 lbs. Other than the No. 4 is there any way to confirm or indicate the manufacturer. Does anyone have one or know anything about these swage blocks. I have heard that Vulcan anvils have a thin plate of tool steel over a cast body but they are softer than most other quality anvils. I have never heard anything about Vulcan or Illinois Iron and Tool Co. swage blocks. I hesitate to say how little I paid but I would appreciate any comments as to the quality and or help with positively identifying it.
  5. I found this neat old swage block at a local auction for about $200 after all the taxes and fees. It's pretty big, probably weighs well over 100 lbs. A few corners are chipped and crumbling, but overall it looks very usable. I'll get out the wire wheel on the angle grinder this weekend and try to clean it. Looking forward to forging some large carving gouges with this thing.
  6. Ok so I have been looking for a swage block for some time now and finally i have the money for one to boot. I found this guy selling 4 brand new fresh cast swage blocks and i want to get one but i just want to make sure its not something im going to regret down line like if i had purchased a cast iron anvil or something. He is asking $340 canadian which seems like a good deal to me. The add reads These swage blocks are new castings from a good grade of cast iron. Size: 12-1/4 x 7-1/2 x 3-1/2” thick. 65 lbs Swage Block Notes: You will have to do some light grinding on the swage block at the parting line. The as-cast edges need to be radius ground as well before use. The amount of grinding and polishing you do is your choice.
  7. I've been searching for a good swage block, especially one with triangular grooves. I have found a few places that sell them like Pieh or Saltfork but they aren't quite what I'm looking for. Searching on craigslist is hopeless in my area, and ebay is killing my soul. Would it be advisable just to have the pattern I have in mind custom cast? If I go that route, I'd be able to make it exactly how I want, but it would more than likely cost me dearly. I'd be quite happy if anyone had any good leads to follow up on.
  8. Show me your Swage Block. There are many different patterns of swage blocks out there, some in use, some holding the door to the shop open during the summer. Please provide the manufacture, the dimensions, weight, and any history of the swage block. Swages seem to have stories about where they were found and how they are used that are always interesting. Let us hear those also.
  9. Hello. I'm Jesús Morcillo, "Morcy" I'm blacksmith from Spain This is my first post and video tutorial. In this video we learn to make a swage block. In this web page you can download the file for laser cutting http://laforjadevulcano.com/?page_id=343 I hope you like. Regards
  10. JTF

    Swage 01

    This was giving to me by a mate who had been using it as a counter weight on the back of his bobcat for the last 25 years.
  11. A friend of mine has an old wood lathe and had trouble finding an S-type tool rest with a 7/8 post. What I should have done was make him a sleeve for a smaller commercial post; instead I made him the one shown here. I used 3/4 stock for the rest and 7/8 for the post, both in mild cold rolled steel. The rest was shaped on a swage block, and then flattened out on the anvil. I used a 2' length of rod stock for the rest because A) I didn't have a suitable pair of tongs and B) I felt that given how hard it was to move 3/4 stock I wanted to keep a good grip on it. I cut it down to length after the forging. A 1/2" hole was drilled in the center of the rest. The post was turned down to 1/2" 3/4 " from one end, and shrink fit into the rest. For the shrink fit I heated the rest to red with a torch and drove the post home with a 3 lb hammer. I then filet welded over both sides of the post and used an angle grinder to clean up the profile. I welded a bit of 1/4 stock on the post as a stop. It proved to be tricky for me to make a ring out of the 1/4" stock. I do not have appropriate tongs for this; I used vise grips and did much of it on the anvil horn. I think that next time I make a ring I will have fabricated some sort of a jig for this task. Though this was a lot of work, for what I thought would be a simple project, I learned that 3/4 is for sure the upper limit to what I can forge by hand at this time. It took quite a few heats for me to shape the rest. I also learned that I need to make more tongs!
  12. Recently I was given a piece of A36 mild steel 2" x 12" x 12". I am contemplating making a small swage block out of it. I don't have access to a milling shop or any fancy tools, just basics like drill-press, porta-band, 4" grinder and simple everyday handyman tools. I'm wondering if it's a reasonable project to tackle with such limited resources. Though one 'resource' I have in abundance (some might even say overabundance) is determination (same ones might call it stubbornness). So if I do tackle this, I won't give up on it easily. I'm out of town for the week, but if any interest or ideas are still here, I'll try to post a pic of the steel with my rough draft ideas of shapes chalked on Saturday.
  13. Gary


    90 lb swage block
  14. Does anyone know if this cheap swage tool is up to par for Blacksmithing work? The seller claims they are ductile iron. Any thoughts Link
  15. hi all i found this in my backyard the corner was poking out of the ground so i dug it up. can any one tell me anything about it plz. ill try to get better pics to. the weight is 105 pounds can't see any markings on it
  16. Is there any inexpensive way to make concave shapes (forms) to use in making cupped shapes? I know you can purchase swage blocks but the shapes are too small. Sizes are on the order of 3-10” diameters with radius 4-20”. I’ve not gotten any prices but I’m guessing having them CNC machined in steel would be very expensive. I’m not interested in having a pattern made to have them cast, I don’t think. We have a very good foundry here and they could cast anything I could dream up but I’m trying to be cheap…as usual. Any ideas folks?
  17. I know this isn’t about an anvil, but it could be used for an anvil; but recently I got a steal on a 500lbs swage block I only paid $300 for it. When I picked it up, there was a docking area to help me put in the back of my truck I don’t have that in my shop. I’ve already got the table built for it and now I have no idea how to pick it up to put it on there, two people can’t pick it let alone slide it across the floor. So does anybody out there have any suggestion on how to move it, pick it up and set it on its stand; I’m sure some people on here has bought a 500lbs anvil and had an ingenious way to set it up.
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