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Thanks, Mark..........and yeah, I did have a good birthday.
I got to do a little 'fun forging ' in my shop this morning.
Had the kids and grandson over for cake and ice cream........

I was kidding my grandson about how his grandpaw was old enough to remember when you had to get up to change the channels on the tv.
He's 8 years old.......not sure if he believed me.........

Yeah, it's been a good day!

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Happy B'day Jayco, you've always been a shining star around here. Thinking about television, my grandparents ranch is down a dirt road 40 miles out of town where there's never been TV or phone service. I spent many summers there, and never noticed the lack of either. Grandpa would get me into a penny-a-point cribbage game every night,by the end of the summer I would owe him forty dollars or more.. I couldn't pay him back, but he had an instant slave to go check on a downed calf a mile off in the lower pasture, or change solid-set irrigation pipe with 3 million mosquitos on each of my arms. Don't know why, but I think of my time with him as some of my best time spent. Grandfathers have quite a bit of influence, it don't matter what mom thinks...

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Happy belated birthday my friend, any news on the copper banging? I did a leaf for the oz project, and have been doodling on a lilly type flower in pencil, but the conference lasted 4 looooong days and many were the hours of sitting and daydreaming about projects awaiting, enjoy your family old friend.

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Happy 36th James!

Dan, I wish I was 36! Try 53!

Divermike,I've been playing around with the copper, (of course a lot of it looks like practice!)

I need to post some pics of my copper adventures.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys. It was a good day. I got to do a little in the shop, planted potatoes, make a new batch of charcoal,etc.

Just being able to get out and do normal things feels pretty good to me, after being restricted by doctor's orders for 6 weeks.

I've also been learning to weld a little with the O/A torch. I'm not good at it yet, but I can stick 2 pieces of mild steel together. More time and practice will improve that I hope.

Life is GOOD!...........James:)
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