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Something WICKED


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This Way Comes....

Ohh K...wicked pretty much describes this  bugger...on several different levels.. The blade is a three core Twist/Counter twist  two (2) outer two cores  with a interrupted twist centre core.. All three cores  are welded  SS HT foil and 1045  (and this wasn't "welded in a can" either.).. It was just forge welded as "the usual"  around these here parts...   The edges are 1070 HC

Now getting the tip to "work" took some serious.. and I mean a good hour or so seriopus T&E but I finally got it to the right shape and curve. The curved fullers (one on each side) were a real PITA to do but,.... I managed to get it done by using a shorter fullering set in my fly press..(Had to make new fullers but  what the he......)  Recurved blades are a real challenge to get right  sometimes..especially when they  are as long as this one is   ..33" thereabouts and it is a MONSTER..

Some of my fossil Boz Taurus ivory with bronze studs and bolster/pommel plate complete this slayer....

I call this one a  Scimayagatana..a cross between a scimitar, yataghan and a katana... I dunno what I was doing... I just got another wild hare  involved and I  just went with it.. this is what came from that...  OK..my mind works in odd ways sometimes (especially when compared to "normal folks") ...

This little SOB of a blade wants to cut and the  follow through is smooth and very "powerful" due to the centre of gravity being so "forward" due to that recurved section..Man this is a WICKED Bugger!!

So here it is...in all its Wickedness... Now I got to figure out what to do for a sheath... and...the hits just keep on a comin'...






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   Good lord Jim, that thing scares me looking at the pics on a monitor! Wicked is a good adjective but I'm not going to touch the Bugger nomen, I'd get in trouble. Most seriopus wild hare extractor ever seen outside Mordor. What does it weigh? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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