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Yet another " WHY DIDN't I THINK OF THAT"

Jim Coke

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Greetings All,

           I decided to make a tool to hold items horizontally in the vise. A sheet metal Visegrip welded to an angle iron does the job quite well..  It works great for sharpening lawn mower blades and I am sure it will come in handy for blade smith work. It works super for holding flat stock for fileing because you can adjust it to verious angles.. I found another version at Tractor Supply that also works  well . I think the original intent for the tool was to pick up heavier flat stock.  Note the loops.. Just 10 bucks.. I have made up several because everyone that sees me use it wants one bad.. Great gift.. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 








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Good ideas Jim. I have the second pair with the loops at work for light sheet metal pulls with a slide hammer and a hook on the end. I also use it to pull multiple weld on pins/ studs. They work great. Hadn't thought of chucking them in a vise. Great, now I need another one for at home :) 

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Jim, from what I can see from your pictures, You're shop is to clean for a blacksmith.

Years ago a smith in Atlanta was hosting an Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association meeting.  He always kept his shop clean with everything in it's place.  The demonstrator came in and said, "This shop is to clean for me to demonstrate in."  He then picked up a hand full of gravel and dirt and threw it on the floor.  Everyone in attendance laughed and thought that it was very funny.  That was the end of the meeting.  All in attendance were immediately ordered to leave, especially the demonstrator.

Let me know if I can help you.


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The modified vise grips are a great idea! Years ago when my sons were in high school and taking welding that was available then, a project was a drill press vise made from different sizes angle iron. Not very pretty but functional. I have used them in my bench and post vises for a number of projects for years  by doing what Frank Turley suggests--thanks Frank    ;)


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