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I Forge Iron

Hello from Montreal south-shore

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Often the presentation arrive after we have started to interact and that people have begun to know us...

My nickname comes from "Blacksmith", which is not original, and "450" which is my area (phone) code. Father of 3 children, for living, I work in the banking sector to help companies in financial difficulty. I am a French-Canadian, which explains my bad written English.

My grandfather was a blacksmith. After the horses were replaced by the machinery, he worked as a heavy truck mechanic. With age, he found himself towards small automobile mechanics. He was an expert in the use of oxy-acetylene torches and rod welding. I have seen him often perform miracles on old mufflers all pierced. He ended his career by returning to the forge for ramps railling, fire place doors and other ornamental iron.

His art jumped a generation and it was after his death that the taste of working metal took me. I started learning to solder. I made some utility trailers as hobbies. Gradually, I got equipped and I started to form pieces of metal with a set of torches. The construction of a small charcoal forge made me make the final jump.

As a blacksmith, it was my other passion that guided my creations. I am a great wine-lover, so my first objects were accessories related to this. I made a few bottles holders and eventually headed for Port tongs and Champagne sabers. There is a small wine accessories store that sells my products here in Montreal.

My next steps as a blacksmith are keep learning how to properly forge and do heat treatment to make sharp knives and continue to make propane burners, which interests me a lot.

I hope not to have bothered you too much. Merci !


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That's a great intro Ben I think you've covered enough to really let us know you some. Your English is just fine much better than my French or heck any other language. Someday I hope to get American English right. :ph34r:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Salut Ben!

I'm in Quebec City and joined IFI just a few months ago. Still learning about the craft and don't have a forge yet -- I'm still contructing the building where my shop will be -- but we're not so far away so we could meet some time if you want. :)

Au plaisir!

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On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎01 at 7:58 PM, blacksmith-450 said:

Thanks, et côté brûleur pour te faire une forge, je peux t'aider.


Thanks, and side burner to make a forge, I can help you.

I'm going for a charcoal forge as my main, though I may eventually add a propane forge for heat treatment later on. Thanks!

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