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8 3/8" Iron City Vise


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17 minutes ago, VaughnT said:

Gorgeous.  I'd love to have a fine vise like that.  I've been thinking about cutting the leg on my vise so I can lower it down closer to the ground like yours is.  

Before you run off and cut the leg off shorter.. Keep in mind some of the leg vises had a shorter leg.. This moves the joint away and is part of a mechanical advantage. (long arm vs short arm)..   

A lot of the taller vises were sunk into the ground if the person wanted it to be lower vs the leg/foot cutoff.. 


The thing is to measure from the center of the screw to the pivot bolt of the jaw.. This would make a standard.. I'd be curious myself.. I'd happily measure the 6 I have to make a comparison.. 

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In my experience the heavier the vise the shorter it tends to be as they were intended for heavier work and so "lowered" to allow for better striking with heavier hammers.  just like you would mount a heavy anvil used for striking lower for "hammer room".

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Full of envy here. I've been looking for a large vice and have only found one 8" Columbian but $1500.00 is more than I'm willing to spend. There are so many more tools, at this point, that would be more useful to me. Congrats, beautiful vise.


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