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  1. So I’m the very proud new owner of this amazing 1piece Nazel 3B. Took me many years to find the right hammer to compliment my 1B to do the big work at the forge. I do wonder how many of the 1 piece hammers are out there, I only know of a handful of 1 pc 3B’s.
  2. It's not a JEB anvil I'm pretty sure, the feet have a wider stance than that style anvil, in the second picture is the serial number stamped on the side 41558.
  3. Recently purchased this 80kg Austrian anvil in almost perfect condition. The rebound and ring are amazing. Next step is to find out approximately how old it is based on the serial #41558. Anyone with any insight please feel free to chime in.
  4. Thanks for posting Gray Iron!
  5. Just purchased and refreshed this really nice Quickwerks vice. It has all its original hardware and the jaws measure 5 3/4". It curiously has a much deeper throat from the screw to the jaws than most vises (about 6 1/2", my other vises this size are 4") and I'm wondering if this is common for this style vise?
  6. Beautiful beast of a machine! Had a #100 strap hammer and loved it. Bradleys are the true work horses of power hammers.
  7. For the record this vise stands at the same height as my other leg vises, around 38"or 40" I believe. The other 8" vises I have seen only had stubs for legs on them as well, the "leg" on this one is only about 3 1/2" long.
  8. I finished with a wire wheel and coated in a beeswax/linseed/turp mixture, the screw is 1 3/4" and 3 tpi.
  9. It's a bit over 2 ft. long and made from 1" round bar.
  10. Finished restoring this big vise, took a long time to find one this size. Jaws are 8 3/8" and it weighs in at about 210lbs.
  11. I'd like to build some thing essentially like a pipe threading machine with a gear reducer, mounting to a beam sounds reasonable..I have an acorn table I could mount it to as well. And yes I do have a 14 x 40 lathe that I was contemplating for this application. Thanks all for the input!
  12. Anyone have plans for a bar twister before I start engineering my own plans .. I'm looking to hot twist 1" to 2" bars in max 1' sections.
  13. Pulled the ram on my 100 Strap this spring and it weiged in at 158lbs.
  14. I have a 100 Bradley Strap Hammer that I finished restoring a year ago. It was nowhere near as worn as yours and it took me well over a year to restore it in my own blacksmith/fab/machine shop. Its not an impossible job, but its going to take ALOT of time and money to make it happen. Access to a similar hammer could be of some help if you know of one in your area. Best of luck to you, they're great hammers.
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