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first try at damascus


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This is a first go (under supervision) of making a Damascus knife. I never knew there was so much work in the folding and fire welding and drawing out. This is a mix of stainless steel, spring steel, mild, wrought and a slug or two of nickel. I made the handle from a bit of hard old wattle which takes a pretty good shine. I know the brass guard is a little off square. The polish could be better too, but I don't know how to go about that. I was happy with the pattern, but now I wish I had put more shape into the blade. All in all, for a first go, I'm happy ...




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1 hour ago, TheoRockNazz said:

That looks great! It's difficult to weld stainless, so kudos for not having any issues with that delaminating.

Yeah , that!  With all the damascus I've made, I've never gotten a good weld when using stainless, so very impressed with that aspect alone.

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so what steel do yall think the blue pattern in the second picture is from?


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