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  1. thanks odduck can a furnace atmosphere be created in a gas forge?
  2. Can't help you but awaiting the replies as I too would like to know how to go about casting aluminium please get the spelling rite ;-)
  3. Wow that is a very bold pattern I like it
  4. The second one down is my favourite the top one in solar storm looks really busy to me but I did go on your website and see a Bowie in solar storm that looks stunning i would be happy to call anything on your website my own just a question Jim have you already made the 125 Japanese swords or are they a work in progress? fergy
  5. If you brought it from a guy in London it must be a London pattern anvil oh well at least you have one look forward to seeing what you make on it fergy
  6. No it's not my bad looked like the one I was lookin at before that one and I linked the wrong one the other heater I have is LPG ONLY and 100 mm in diameter the handle tube comes down and does 5-6 wraps of the shroud before going into the rear of the shroud if someone could link me to one of them I would be gratefull I need another but cannot remember where I got it from
  7. your tips http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Type-44-Size-12-Cutting-Tip-Oxygen-LPG-Gas-welding-comet-Oxy-LPG-44-12-/121593020746?hash=item1c4f82414a:g:uRoAAOSwstxVABjY your hose http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gas-hose-for-Oxy-LPG-Twin-Hose-Price-Per-Meter-Twin-Hose-/121277456517?hash=item1c3cb32085:g:Q6AAAOxy4fVS~VHZ your reg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Moltenarc-Industrial-LPG-PROPANE-Regulator-/252098726452?hash=item3ab2414a34:g:~LQAAOSwKrxUZFnV the tube http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Weldclass-Oxy-Acetylene-Oxy-LPG-450mm-Ben-Stainless-Steel-Heating-Barrrel-Tube-/231835101496?hash=item35fa72e938:g:0vAAAOSwJb9WsuQW superheating tip http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Super-Heating-Tip-Oxy-LPG-Size-48-x-12-SHP3-/201261861183?hash=item2edc24493f:g:aegAAOSwiLdV-fYh mixer for heating http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/13mm-1-2-Mixer-Oxy-Acetylene-LPG-Gas-Acet-Aerator-Superheater-800244-/111155162926?hash=item19e15d2f2e:g:MUkAAOxyNa9SHrnB there you go your all set same again ebay adds for pics only don't care if it disappears but please wait till after ausfire has seen the post
  8. I also have heating tips for my cutting head
  9. Cut it up heat it up bash it up then you tell us all if it can can't imagine why not but I have been wrong before
  10. Nothing wrong with old man ways ausfire we need someone to learn from im yet to find an app that will make a decent rail spike knife you may be able to get a refund for the remaining months if you take your bottle back early i can swap you bottle rental bills if you want Hi Jim
  11. its all I use ausfire and its a bit like the tumbler hurry up and convert your OLD man ways you need a LPG regulator should be around $100 and you need to use type 44 ? cutting tips the LPG heating tips are also different best bet is to buy a cheap Kit from flea bay your 100 pound bottle of LPG should see you out even if it is half full I use a 18 kg LPG bottle on the gas cutting kart and I get around 20 g size bottles to a LPG bottle I profile cut 100 mm plate with LPG OXY as it gives a better cut than acet we silver solder with oxy/LPG every week Hydraulic fittings 6000PSI http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Oxy-LPG-Professional-Gas-Cutting-And-Welding-Kit-24-Month-Warranty-OME8038-/111549311647?hash=item19f8db6a9f:g:4Q8AAOSwEeFU9C6h I would get this to swap a ACET bottle will cost you $160 and your yearly rent is costing you $190 so its the same cost as a ACET bottle but you only pay once AND if you run out of LPG on the weekend there is probably 20 BBQ bottles in a 500m radius you could liberate (Link shown for ausfire to see I have nothing to do with them if you don't like it there delete it )
  12. Soo you just drive over it and tie it to the tail shaft right?
  13. Please do tell why LPG is not good enough Oh and 15 dollars a month bottle rental for a g size and costs me $110 to exchange a g size argoshield
  14. That is a beautiful knife awesome blog spot too fergy
  15. If I was on a camper trailer forum I frequent someone would have replied by now 6MMB&S but im not and I don't really know but I can tell you I have a 60 amp feed running into my workshop and I can run 4welders and a air compressor at once. But we run different voltages here so anything I say won't mean jack. Sorry I can't help I'm just a boily
  16. Hey ausfire takes about an hour to get shiny and just get the burrs off to take the edges off like the weld on the lifting lug about 4hours i grew up in yarloop mate lived there from when I was 7 to when I was 19 Lots of good people homeless but also great to see people getting behind then to get them back on there feet
  17. just ducked out the back to take a photo for you ausfire this shows the insides of the mixer with some parts in it this is the media we use its just old holes got a year out of it before I had to replace skin with 1/8 plate could wrap some insulation around it because of the noise but I just put it out the door and insulated the door the sooner you get one the better I should have had one years ago fergy
  18. maybe there it a hole under the bottle jack that someone drifted with hand tools? maybe its cheese and the coloring is mould? who knows im sure if it goes cheep enough you will buy it and if it turns out to be cast iron it will make a good bookend how far from home is it? is that a PW under the table?
  19. ok will check can do it with a file right?
  20. have your hammer a little softer? so like temper my hammer? or are they likely to be softer anyways ?
  21. Well seeing that this has not progressed far I have today ordered an anvil it is to be a 130 kg dobbie cast 8630? in a London pattern any thoughts welcome they have asked what hardness I would like it. Now I know enough about hardness to know I don't want It as hard as #### but how hard do I want it ?
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