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Officers down.


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Looks like 2 snipers shot 10 police officers and killed at least 3 this evening in Dallas at a "Black lives Matter" protest. You can bet things are going to get pretty ugly for a while. Hopefully we won't have open season on the police else where.

Prayers go out to the friends and families of all the officers involved. Also hopefully now some of these instigators and the media will shut up and quit soaping things up every chance they get.

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It looks like at least one is still holed up in the parking garage and shooting at police. Word just came a 5th officer has died. It appears to have been a coordinated ambush from a carefully chosen elevated position.

I'll be praying for the officers, families and all concerned.

Strange as it sounds I'm going to pray for the souls of the murderers. Anyone so steeped in evil must be living in a hell on earth.

Be peacemakers if you have the chance.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sadly this becomes a sides thing and violence begets more violence so whether the officers involved in the previous incidents exceeded their mandate or not drags Inocent uninvolved officers whom are just doing their job into the firestorm, The very essence of the protests is to voice disapproval to a form of collective profiling and or punishment and then the exact thing is inflicted upon the police. The nett result will be a more paranoid paramilitary police force with less respect for or from minority groups. A very sad day indeed.

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this is not political support, but a member of the BLM group who was there to protest,   Stood with the police and tried to protect them when the shooting started.

THIS people is the proper way for a man to protest, Stand your ground, State your cause, loudly if you feel moved, but if it gets messy DO the right thing. regardless of which "side" some think they are on

One of the fallen officers is a lodge member of mine,  please offer prayer for his family.

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