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Trenton what's it worth

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Got to know the weight!  I've see "abouts" that were off by a factor of 2! if it's close to what you believe you can weigh it on a bathroom scale---or down at a feed store.

How long do you want to be holding it waiting for someone that wants to pay top price for it?

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4 hours ago, Bo T said:

If it has good rebound, less than a week around here at $450 (for 150#). At $600 could last a month or more, depending on who wants one.

I second this for opinion for Washington.  4 bucks a pound and it'll sit anywhere from an hour to a year depending on how desperate someone is who is anvil shopping.  3 bucks a pound will generate some serious interest and it'll go for sure in short order.  It's a good size--not so large that people get scared about handling but not so small that people hesitate and wait for bigger.

Middlin weight anvils are not that common around this area.  Either they are bigger ones from lumber mills (that go for superior dollars) or smaller farrier anvils as a rough trend.  Just mentioning that because market affects pricing a lot.

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