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Material 1" thick question

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With forge work and indeed most any metal and wood work the parent material can never be "too large"...you just reduce it by forging it down or cutting it away….

Sometimes a skilled smith can tease a larger object from a given parent piece than an unskilled smith, because he can work it more efficiently.

The Australian Arbotech disc cutter (an angle grinder disk with chain saw teeth around the perimeter) was sold with an advert phrase along the lines of... "how to make a rocking horse…take a lump of wood and an Arbotech and remove the non rocking horse wood…"


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You can work 1' sq stock if your powerhammer is large enough!   However if you are working it by hand 1" square in high carbon steel is a lot to work.  Do you have trained strikers?  Friends with power hammers where you can break down the stock to where you can take over by hand?  How good are you with a hand sledge?  Do you have a propane forge so you can get an even heat and not worry about burning it up?  Have you made a bunch of them before with other materials so it's not all new at once?

"Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes!"

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