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I Forge Iron

wierd Vice I just got

the iron dwarf

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jaws are about 6" wide, the big tube through the middle has a die in the left hand end on the first picture but is about 2" bore with lots of reducers on the end to take much bigger dies.

on the right hand end of the tube is a worm drive to rotate it with a great reduction

far left end is a sliding vice to hold the material to be threaded or maybe twisted

cant see a name on it

anyone seen anything like it before?




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Greetings Dwarf,

Neet vise..  With some simple modifications it would make a vise combo twisting tool. Extend the length of the rods for adjustable length of the stock.. Weld up some sockets as drivers 1/4 3/8 1/2 drive end with the other end fitted to the driver head. The ratio looks good enough ..  Make up a wheel driver like on a ring roller and shazam you have a new tool..  I have one similar and it works well.  Have fun

Forge on and make beautiful things


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From the photo I cannot see whether the "tail stock" vice self centres or is capable of being centred for different diameter pipes or bars. I suppose it must do.

Presumably the thread diameter would be limited to the bore size, and it was intended to be able to thread a fair way along the workpiece. More than required for just a pipe fitting

Is the bracket on the end of the rails part of an end stop?

Is the Blue three lugged raised rib plate a base plate to give swivel with location? Or does that do something different?

Is there a crank handle to drive the worm gear dog? The collar on the end with the slot and pinch bolt could spin the die undone, but is there any way to disengage the spindle from the worm driven gear?

The bick does look a pretty regular cone so would be effective at rounding up a squashed pipe end...


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vice self centeres or will do when paint splashes are removed

bore is about 2 inch

yes end stop but rails could be longer

blue bracket is for mounting vice on bench so it can swivel

crank handle is missing but can either go in worm dog that slides out or other socket on end, cant see how to disengage yet

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