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How to safely ask curmudgeons for advice?

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It can be exasperating having to deal with the unrealistic or slow learners. Imagine having to be told not to go out of your way to tick off the people who can boot your butt.


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I think the core of curmudgeonhood is that we care.  We are willing to spend our time and energy trying to help others from our wealth of experience---both in book larning and hammer in hand.  I try to NOT reply to questions in areas I'm not expert in. (been using propane forges about 20 years now but do NOT consider myself a PFG for example...)  We know we don't know everything; but we're hoping that we can help folks to not make all the mistakes we did learning stuff the hard way; or as I like to put it: Help people make new and improved mistakes instead of repeating ones we've already proven in...

I've never considered popularity to be a metric on the worth of an idea and have cheerfully advised people to place me on their ignore list.  I do not believe that everybody's opinion is of the same value on a subject---If I did I'd save a metric ton of money on co-pays for the medical experts I hope can keep me around a bit longer.  I'll cheerfully read JPH's posts on pattern welding and bladesmithing and if they differ from mine---well I'll go back and research where I might have gone astray.

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Thomas, I have to agree. Every question I've posed has been answered honestly and thoughtfully. I believe the problems  with younger folks today are no one teaches common courtesy and basic manners to kids anymore. Part of it is Young people's primary form of communication is online which promotes being rude and getting immediate results. You don't have to learn anything anymore because why take the time to read and memorize something when you can just Google and forget it. I've been taught from birth that please, thank you, excuse me, and I'm sorry will get you much farther than rudeness ever will and knowledge and skill is something to strive for and cherish.

My advice for safely asking curmudgeons  for advice is to try to find the answer for yourself first and if you still need help then ask a well thought out question and actually listen to the answers you get.


              Pnut (Mike) and    

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When I was growing up: please, thank you, you're welcome, I'm sorry, I don't know, were in daily use. If one of us said, "but Mother/Dad said I could," it better be so because they'd check. Mother and Father were on the same side, playing them off each other was a B-A-D idea.

Curmudgeon is a term we sort of made up between us to mark the old meanies who expected a little common courtesy from folks asking our help. I have no use for boot lickers or sycophants, just a little courtesy is ALL I ask.

Kids are kids and act like children. A lack of manners and wanting what they want right now is normal enough, I remember being a kid. I'm SURE I wasn't that bad though!:rolleyes: I don't hold being a kid against anyone who IS a kid.

Adults that behave like children deserve a good and proper curmudgeoning, maybe a custom deluxe curmudgeoning though I usually just stop responding. Being ignored REALLY irritates trolls and there's no reason for me to get worked up over trolls. 

One of the most irksome are the ones who argue because your answer doesn't meet their expectations.

Actually the short answer to safely asking a Curmudgeon for anything is the same for asking anybody a favor. Be polite. It works anywhere. When I'm regularly in the company of folks from different country I learn to say, "please and thank you" or the equivalent. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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