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750lb Chambersberg

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I am sure some of you saw this hammer on eBay.   My dad and I bought the thing and he went to gather it up today.     I saw this hammer run years ago ( I even have a picture of my wife standing in front of it)    The long term plan is to get it installed at my dads shop in Idaho where eventually I'll move close by.       I really think 750 lb machine is the sweet spot with a self contained.   Its the largest hammer that came with a treadle.     Anyway just wanted to gloat a bit :-)


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Congratulations on the new hammer Larry.  That looks like a nice hammer.  The 600-750lb range is a nice size for a one man industrial shop.  It allows you to work short pieces of  3-4" alloy steel efficiently especially under fair sized taper dies or using swages.  It won't be long before you have jobs where your foot  is to the floor .  But it is small enough that you should be able to change dies by yourself and the speed is fast enough to still work some smaller stock.  That hammer paired with your 2b will be a really nice setup for your shop.

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My dad took some weight numbers down today.   The frame is 23,500 lbs.  The anvil block is 9500 lbs.   Sow Block is 1000 lbs and the dies are 200 lbs each  (so total anvil weight with a die would be 10,700)


John I dont have a 2B.    I have a 60KG SayMak,  A Nazel 4B, A 50lb tire hammer, a 150lb KA/Grant Sarver hammer that run and a 300 lb Beaudry that is in the works.     The plan is to install the Chambersberg at my dads in Idaho.  Someday I hope to move down there and set up shop.

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