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  1. No mechanism Thomas...the rice ash has silica which melts and acts as high temp flux. The common decrab from forging is what draws down the carbon in the Japanese work. Some starting carbon levels are very high in tamahagane and after folding it drops to the useful levels of about 70 points....but you knew that. Ric
  2. I have not read that one Thomas.........Hope the job situation works the way you wish it to go. Ric
  3. Mild steel is just fine for general forging. When they wear replace them.
  4. I'm stealing that guard idea. May do it in mokume or titanium laminate just to be different. The blade is good too! Ric
  5. wayne cole had some rough ideas drafted....he sells blacksmith tools now, but was a lawyer. Mine is on my class information listing on the website.
  6. Hello All, So I am adding a generator to the shop to make proper 480 three phase. Space is tight and I was planning on having it enter the building near the natural gas line entry. I recall some rule about not locating both entries within a certain distance to each other, but can not find the rule. It is a long shot, but does anyone happen to know if a gas line entry can be a few feet away from an electrical entry? Ric
  7. I assume you are planning to only make narrow forgings? The center of the ram rod is rather close to the frame. I understand this limits the lever effect of the ram, but it also limits the material you can forge. Ric
  8. JJ Perret died in 1784.....five years before the revolution in 1789. The Motto of "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite " seemed to originate during the revolution and adopted well after. Maybe someone did an etch, engraving or gilding over one of Perret's blades much later? Now I really want to find the bar. Ric
  9. The actor with the gun was Jon Erik Hexum. I liked the show. He was on the donor list and several body parts were used to save other lives....something I intend to do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon-Erik_Hexum As to swords on stage....use polished round bar with rounded tip or synthetic and have them make a "ching" should when they hit. A dime edge is an edge in my opinion. Chris Lambert about lost a finger on Highlander II when Michael Ironsides hit him. My guess is that the students will clang them together in earnest when they are alone and they will do so with any material so best to get them something that will be softer. Ric
  10. Which Museum (the French seem to call every museum the national museum)? I should be able to get a photo from the curator. Ric
  11. I recall a shade three is for general forge work. http://www.thefabricator.com/article/safety/selecting-the-best-lens-for-welders-eye-protection Ric
  12. Jim, Do you have any information on the "Liberty Bar"? Photos or location of the bar? There is not much work of Perret on the net (his books are on google PDF). Ric
  13. I am good for now Thomas. See you at SOFA! Ric
  14. Either way...be good to see you again.I plan on SOFA 2018. Ric
  15. Thomas, I just used some for a class this weekend. Yes, I will take all you care to sell. Ric
  16. Michael Pikula did a huge amount of work on the show as well. I spent about 6 months working out the particulars and I second any work my Alan Williams. Jeff Wasson in NY is the armorer...best in the US. Ric
  17. Local yard told me that there are three types of scrap.....aluminum, stainless and iron. At one time I was to interview with a scrap yard for work..........I think they are better off NOT having me in the yard sorting metals. Ric
  18. Notice the grinder turns the other way and is low. I think this does several things......you do not get the dross and spark into your body, Your body weight is used more effectively and you can watch the spark to see where the action is happening. With a belt it means that a breakage throws the belt away from you. Owen I would think one could set the modern grinder this way with a bit of design and just "saddle up" when the time comes. Maybe a hard stop under the seat so you can not over push? I can see you will need a Cowboy hat soon for your helmet. A few springs under or air cylinder or cords from the ceiling to the saddle would mean you could teeter-totter your weight without fatigue. Have it take 100 pounds of you (more in my case) so you have a limit to the force applied and less leg work to support yourself. Ric
  19. I love the rhythm of the Nazel...takes a while to adjust to the utilities lack of breathing. Even mechanicals have a pulse to them. Ric
  20. http://hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/TechZone/ReservoirsAcces/Article/False/6448/TechZone-ReservoirsAcces Rules seem to be 3x unless..........and its the unless that seems to fit our usage unless you have three shifts and never turn the unit off where you may want more oil or work in a desert and have a radiator or work in the winter and need to pre-heat the oil or or only limited use or or or It seems its like everything else..if you know the tools and work a plan then you can do things where others will not. Ric
  21. I like Mardi quite a bit. He and I did some mosaic titanium laminate many a year ago when he visited. Bill Buchner....let me say I very much like your early Titanium work. I pioneer for sure. Ric
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