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Where do the topics in this forum go?

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Seem like every now and then a new post pops up in this sub forum, then pretty quickly it goes away.  They don't seem to get moved somewhere else, just disappear.  Right now no matter how often I look at or refresh this forum, the only topics listed are the two pinned ones.  I read IFI often enough to know that every now and then something gets posted here, but to my eye this is an all but empty sub forum.  


Any one else see the same thing?

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mine was showing the same, and I thought I had adjusted the filter correctly to catch 'all', but there are two fields that need to be set to 'all', not just the first one.  I don't know why this one wasn't set that way by default, or how it got tweaked, but I have often wondered about where have all the tool threads gone too!  on the plus side, now I/you/we just discovered another 60 threads of reading material :D




edit: don't be like me and forget to check the 'remember filter' box, otherwise you will have to reset the filter again the next time you come back to the sub-forum.

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At the absolute top of my page is a black then light blue then dark blue strip.  


Below the advertisement and white topic heading is a dark blue strip with only the words "5 replies to this topic"  no pull down menus.


I've asked about this before, and the odd thing is that this is the only (I think) forum with this oddity.  Mac thing?

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Honoestly for some odd reason this subsection has an issue with resetting the "view page options" screen to only show todays posts, and not all of them, I have had to reset this for me many times.


So in short, it is NOT just you having issues in this sub section

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Yep that is it - Thanks for the screen shot Chinobi


No problem Jeremy.


Steve, perhaps it would be worth a pinned topic or a banner or something to alert people to that particular bug?  shame to have such a useful subsection get largely overlooked because nobody realizes its there.

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I am on a MacBook with Safari 6.1.6

I have a "mark all read" on here. But for some reason the buttons for custom visibility that used to be here have disappeared themselves...

This is the general forum list I get which states "no posts here yet" when obviously there are…this one for a start.



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