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I Forge Iron

Yard Gate and Railing

Chuck Fraser

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The bus is a 1953 White Super Power. It was my fathers, he was going to make a harness shop out of it for when he was out in the woods horse logging. He passed away before he get it done. And now the engine is froze up. I would like to get it running and make a motor home out of it.

  All I need is time and money


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chuck its amazing. specially as it was you fathers!  i love that shape truck, where its so long out the front - you had that shape longer than we did here, ours flattened out! i totally hope you have some time some day to work on it - its a fabulous looking bus. its the cost too though isnt it : (  i have an old bus myself, 1959 so bit younger than yours, its a bedford s type bus body with a mollycroft top on it, on a 4x4 bedford rl chassis. it is in ok condition, but needs constant maintenance as it is kept outside in my rainy damp country. i read a book years ago called some turtles have nice shells, by roger d beck      which is full of trucks like yours, and i fell in love with them then! its all that wide open space you have - you can afford to have these huge long things! youd get stuck in the misty lanes here.... sorry, i wont mess up the thread any more - saw the picture on another thread and just had to comment this time :)

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Greetings Chuck..Beth


Chuck....    Outstanding design ....  Very original and flowing..   I attempted to present a design with horizontal bars like yours and was shut down because of the ladder effect..  Stupid codes sure put handcuffs on artist.. 


Beth.... Seen your truck on a earlier thread... I'm in love...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Great job Chuck!

My only comment concerns the main vertical pipe-it just looks out of place with all of the wonderful twisted, and more natural looking parts. Other than that ,for me, it is an outstanding job. How long did it take to make, and how long is it in total?

A 24 valve 5.9 Cummins in the bus would be a solid choice. I love old commercial chassis.

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   I agree with  you on the pipe post. They were already in place when I got the job. I am building another gate for the same client. Can't remember the hrs, will have to look that up.

  I found and bought a 34' 1992 Thomas MPV safety liner bus with a 12 valve 5.9 Cummins just for the engine.

  When I told my wife that I got another bus it sounded like she said " WHAT THE F*** DID YOU DO NOW" I am sure I mis under stood her. It run and drives so nice that I am fixing it up to do a few road trips.

 The old 53 has a 150 HP engine built by White Motor Co, the same engine was used in halftracks in WW2, some parts are available (for a price). My White is the deluxe model 12 volt, air breaks, the larger 900x 20'' wheels.

  I know a guy who use to have a White bus the same as mine, he cut the back end open and used it to haul lumber from a saw mill. the round trip was  exactly 200 miles, 3 MPG loaded 4 MPG empty $$$$$$$$.

  The Thomas is getting around 10 MPG.

  Beth could you send me a picture of your bus?


  Thanks everyone









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chuck - its scarey times when the mpg is in single figures... : (  10 is more like the start of a feasible conversation about a trip out! i reckon we dont get  more than 15 out of this.... trouble is, like i said, its stored where you see it on the kerb, in the rain. its criminal..... :(









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I LIKE your gate Chuck, really like it. The twists look like  lot of work but sure are attractive. Very flowing, obviously forged and no doubt very tactile.


My favorite body styles include long hoods, bullet headlights, round flowing fenders and running boards, wonderful bus. I'm sure the wife's exclamation was one of joy. <grin>


I like your bus too Beth, it's different from what you see over here and different is good. Love the interior shot, wood stove and kid's looking out the back window. I'll bet it's a giggle fest when that crew gets together for a sleepover or road trip.


I'm liking this thread better with every post.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Chuck!


Congatulation on the gate and the railings. Very organic with the surrounding nature. And very original idea with those knot-like bendings on the vertical "rods" fixing them to the horizontal element. (Sorry I don't know the actual words.)


Best wishes:



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