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  1. beautiful job, How much time per baluster?
  2. Thanks for all the interest and compliments. These are pictures that I took so they are not so good. One end of the railing is hooked to the Bocci Court wood work and has a clump of cat tails with a lilly pad that is a drink holder. Chuck
  3. Yard Gate with cat tails
  4. Nice can we see more of the dragon face?
  5. Hi Ironwolf I am in the NE Corner of Oregon, Joseph to be exact. Dave I spray my iron with acid to make it rust, then in a few years I wax the iron, in this climate your done, it is my (NO MAINTENANCE FINNISH). If it were on the coast it would need something different. Chuck
  6. Here is a memorial bench I did for Bill Knox in 2012. He loved fishing in Wallowa lake for Kokanee. When we put the bench in place his widow Diane brought some of his ashes in one of the tubes that his favorite cigars came in and had me put some of the ashes in each of the 4 anchor bolt holes in the concrete slab we mounted the bench to. Chuck
  7. I agree with you on the pipe post. They were already in place when I got the job. I am building another gate for the same client. Can't remember the hrs, will have to look that up. I found and bought a 34' 1992 Thomas MPV safety liner bus with a 12 valve 5.9 Cummins just for the engine. When I told my wife that I got another bus it sounded like she said " WHAT THE F*** DID YOU DO NOW" I am sure I mis under stood her. It run and drives so nice that I am fixing it up to do a few road trips. The old 53 has a 150 HP engine built by White Motor Co, the same engine was used in halftracks in
  8. that looks so much better than my first damascus
  9. The bus is a 1953 White Super Power. It was my fathers, he was going to make a harness shop out of it for when he was out in the woods horse logging. He passed away before he get it done. And now the engine is froze up. I would like to get it running and make a motor home out of it. All I need is time and money Chuck
  10. that is a very interisting vice, hope it serves you well
  11. very nice, really like the bark texture on the frame.
  12. It is designed for wood, we don't have any coal around here. Underneath the grate are 2 - 1" round bars, you can see the ends of them sticking out. They are mig welded to the horizontals and the verticals.
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