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  1. Awesome knife! Like the rustic look, the beautiful handle is perfect with the sharp blade. Excellent job
  2. Looks great, very clean and has a great finish. Impressive for a first, you're off to a great start.
  3. Totally cool! Like that it can be worn around the neck, very handy, a great back up knife for outdoor fun and survival. Great job!
  4. Nothing beats making your own, suits your needs. The sheath is a great fit to your good looking knife. Great job!
  5. Looks great, the handle is gorgeous. Great technique on coloring the handle, it really showed those pretty grains and stunning figures. Great job!
  6. It's a beauty! Fantastic blade and gorgeous handle, like that colors on the dyed Buckeye burl. Excellent work!
  7. Gorgeous knife, the blade is really sharp and beautiful handle, finish is awesome. Great work!
  8. Excellent work! Your knife is fantastic, like the style. Great blade and gorgeous handle.
  9. Beautiful work! Awesome blade and gorgeous handle. Like it.
  10. It came out really great and well made as well as the sheath, the handle is gorgeous. Great job!
  11. That's a great looking group of knives and hawks with top notch quality. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!
  12. Wow! Impressive work for a first knife. Sharp and clean, like the proportion of the blade and handle. It's great for every day use, very handy.
  13. That's one big and sharp looking kitchen knife, a monster of a slicer it is!
  14. Awesome knife, sharp blade and the handle is really cool with matching sheath. Amazing work!
  15. It looks great, very nice design with well made twists and hooks. It can be used in different ways not just for utensils. Great job!
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