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I Forge Iron

Lookie what i got!

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i made a trip today to pickup my first anvil (hooray!).

the guy had a bunch of other stuff that he just wanted gone....so i obliged.

all you see below for the asking price on the Peter wright 100# anvil....which was about average.

lots of tongs and hammers.

some swag block and hardies (rusty, but most will be OK with a good wire-wheeling)

a leg vise!!!! i wanted one anyways

and a big old drill....(anyone need this bad boy??? i have no use for it.....make offer)

see the pics.





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thanks :)

any suggestions on fixing up the tools?

the vise i figure i'll take apart, wire wheel.....and then throw on some enamel paint.

the hammers I'm not sure whats best...just wire wheel? or something else.

tongs, most need a little re-bending, so i may take them apart and re-bend them....the sand em off.....then put a new rivet in.

any other suggestions?

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I just wire brush stuff, make it clean ans usable and oil the metal lightly. The top tools you can re handle with seconds, no need for wedges. that big by large drill may be a keeper. I use mine all the time.

For serious rust , there is a BP on using electricity to remove it that works slick!

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If you wish to be rid of the post drill and want to donate it, I know the perfect place. Midwest Old Threshers This is in Southeast Iowa and the shop ( Snipe Run ) will be running 5 days starting this Wednesday ( 8/31). We could use another drill. Yours is rough but it may soak out. Thanks in advance but someone else may wish to buy it.

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jeep4x4greg, WHAT A DEAL!!! Happy for you and your new toys...I mean TOOLS! :) Wire brushing for most of these tools and a light oiling should do. I would hesitate painting the vise, in time you will be clamping HOT material in it and the aroma of burning paint is now where near "Channel #5", if you follow my drift. :) (But if you feel like you must paint, at least don't paint the jaws.) Also the drill is a great tool when cleaned up, you may consider hanging onto it for a while to make sure you don't need it. (BTW, it is the rule rather than the exception that once you get rid of something 2 days later you will wish you had it back!) If you decide later that you don't need or want the swedges I am interested, you can contact me hear by private message and I will quickly respond. Once again...ATTA BOY!!!

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Beautiful find. congratulations. definitely envious here. since you've already got the great tools, most of the learning should be a breeze. After you bounce around a blueprint or two you should be an old hand. Do be sure to be careful. watch out for galvanized or zinc coatings, and have a bucket of water handy for the fires that tend to bounce up at times.

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I'd run everything small enough through electrolytic derusting---or a vinegar soak---you could build a trough for the postvise for that! do it *BEFORE* anything gets oiled!

Note that old tongs may be made from real wrought iron and cold bending may result in them cracking, do it *hot* if they appear to be WI.

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Thomas Dean,

good thinking on the painting....hadn't considered that.....I'll paint the lower half, but keep the jaws and surrounding metal unpainted.

as for keeping the drill....i have a regular motor drive drill press so i should need it. plus I don't have a belt drive system to drive this drill....and i have so many other things going on (2 old jeeps to be restored, got to build the forge, house remodeling, and on and on and on), that by the time i got around to freeing it up, I'd be an old old man.

think I'm keeping the swedges....no idea how to use them.....but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually :) do i need an upper half for each size there? cuz if so, I'm definitely missing some.

thanks for the comments everyone else.....i cant wait to get started.....i'm going to build a mini forge from a few hollowed out fire bricks or something while i plan and build a bigger one. i can power it with my small bernzomatic torch while i make the bigger burners and get a spare propane grill gas tank.

I'm getting impatient!


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Since you don't plan to use the drill by all means DONATE it to someplace like Tenhammers suggested. He will put it to good use. As for the swedges needing both halves that depends on each time they are to be used. If you can find a good swedge, block get it, as it will have the other "half" and if you need to put a handle on the mating swedge you can do that with 1/4" or 5/16" rod stock and not ruin the swedge.

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That's the kind of score that might make me hate you. If I were the kind of person to hate anyone. Congratulations big time for the score of the (month at least).

You might want to try restoring the post drill before you donate, sell, etc. it away. There's a lot to learn about how things worked in the day and if you look you'll see there is a rectangular hole in the shaft opposite the drive pully where the handle fits. (Assuming on this one but I have one very similar and I have yet to see one without hand crank capability)

Lastly what is the model # on the drill. Mine is a Champion Mod# 200 1/2.


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