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  1. mine (no pic) is the other half of my forge (in progress still). the forge was made from an old verticle propane tank....i used half the tank for the forge, the other for a tank
  2. It doesnt need to be good just label it as "rustic" or "old fashioned" ;)
  3. does it come with all those attachements shown on the websites video?? thats pretty sweet!
  4. thats actually part of my plan....the back side of that tank has a threaded hole where the gas tanks valve used to be.....I'm going to use firebrick to create a movable back wall......i'll have a handle connected to the movable wall, to create a plunger i can change on the fly, so i don't have to turn off the heat in order to change the volume of the forge. i havent figured out all the details yet, but i figure i could secure the fire brick from the back with a metal structure and have a handle come out through the valve hole......i'm not sure if that makes any sense...but i got it in my head I'm waiting to sell a Lathe i have before i proceed....need the money anyone need a nice lathe!?!?!? thanks for the replies guys
  5. gas forge project ....its about 24" x 16" diam...... made from a long propane tank...the other half with the feet (it was a large verticle tank) has become the beefiest trash can in my shop filled it with water prior to cutting, to make sure nothing would explode...... its kinda big, but i plan to shrink the interior space as needed with insulation. the front door will be made with insulation bricks so i can easily adapt the opening size. the back of the tank is closed.....i might open it up later so i can feed stuff through though will get 3 Reil style burners fed from 2 propane tanks......i'll have an idle loop and valves cuz i dont plan to run all 3 burners all the time....i'll have to see how it does.....i'm hoping i have enough heat to use one burner most of the time so there it is! anyone got any good suggestions and sources for the floor material.....right now i'm just going to lay an insulation brick on the bottom and hope for the best. also, how do i attach the koawool to the sides of the enclosure? thanks! :)
  6. any good way to de-galvanize metal? a guy at work found the PERFECT tank in a junk yard to turn into a gas forge. problem is, its an old RV water tank and its galvanized i know the precautions to take when welding on it... but will pose a problem during operation? I plan to line it with about 3 inches of koawool. let me know your thoughts. thanks! :)
  7. I got a few hardies in the big lot of stuff i got last weekend. my anvil has a 3/4" hardy hole, but most of the hardies are for a larger hole. any reason i can't/shouldn't take a grinder to them and thin them out to the 3/4" i need ? I cant think of anything that would make this a bad idea, but i might be missing something. let me know your thoughts :)
  8. anyone had any luck making a leather washer handle for a knife :confused: similar to the military Ka-bar knives. I've always liked them, but am curious how you guys keep the compression on them so they dont get loose. :)
  9. well to be honest, I'm not looking to be making handles just yet. I have too many irons in the fire as it is....this is one i should pass on for the sake of getting started more than I have so far (now that i have most of the tools) however! i will send you a PM in a shameless attempt to get to come see your forge in action and maybe mooch some pointers since i'm in the Peoria area too ;)
  10. thanks for the reply! the bottom pivot bolt seems to rotate as i move thetraveling half of the they are stuck together. beating on it its seems to have moved it a little, so i dont tend to think its threaded on either side plate.....though i guess its still possible for there to be threads on the nut side......i'll check some more on that tomorrow. as for the spring ....heat the spring? or rebend it cold? thanks a bunch for the info!
  11. i'd say forge one if the shape of the threaded portion would keep it from sliding off. depending on the shape of that rod, you could also take a hex nut and drill and tap it for a few set screw that would hold it in place.
  12. I've been working on freeing up my leg vise. i have it moving nice and wide.....but still cant get the main pivot bolt out...been pounding on it...applying heat.....PB blaster.....darn bolt wont budge! thats problem number 1....any other suggestions would be great.....if all else fails i'll grind the head and visible thread (i did get the nut off) off the vise and try hitting it out with a big punch and hammer. second... Can i Re-Bend the leaf spring of the vise? its been sitting so long that the spring only touches the moving half of the vise in the fully closed position. also, i'm not sure how to actually remove the spring...seems the support of the vise that also holds the spring has no obvious way to be removed....unless i start unbending metal that holds it on....which i'm a little reluctant to do suggestions pleeeeeeeeze thanks!