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I Forge Iron

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Hi, my name is Johannes, I'm 17 years old and I live in Austria!


Currently I visit a secondary technical school for blacksmiths and metallshapers,called "Höhere Technische Lehranstalt - Steyr"


I want to show you a little axe i made in February this year, out of self-forged damascus steel.


I twisted the steel-package 90° in the middle, so the layers were normal to the eye of the axe, as i chiseled and drifted it, and also the layers were parallel to the blade, as i spread the blade of the axe.


It's very important for me, that you know that this a tool and no weapon.

And it's also used as a tool, and doesn't lay in the glass case the whole time  :D


The beech-handle and the leather-sheath is also self made.


Hope you like it, please feel free to write what you think about it  :)






best regards from Austria,




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Welcome aboard Johannes, glad to have you. I like everything about your axee, we'd call it a hatchet in the USA, not that that matters. Not only is it's form near perfect, the pattern of the steel is striking, well thought out and contrasts well. All in all very nicely done.


Few things feel as good as using a tool you've made with your own hands and to have one that'd be a prize winner in a show is frosting on the cake.


Frosty The Lucky.

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